What's the Remedy?

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This patient is the wife of my father’s elder brother and aged 80 at the time of consultation.
She had been under my treatment for Warts on chest and warts around pubic areas and Thuja30 was continuing for some times and some of the Warts were gone and there was no other complaints.
She had 2 sons and 3 Daughters and husband died some 25 years back due to a stroke and all the marriages except the elder daughter was conducted after that.
She underwent lot of struggles during this period.
As she was staying with the younger son who was constructing a house and this was the first time she was given Thuja30 After some 6-7 months one day she told me that she is having some pain in the abdominal region and on inspection it was found little bit of hardness inside and the blood reports showed raised ESR and HB level little bit low ie below 9.
Suggested to consultation at Alapuzha medical college for investigation and there it was found that it was a 3rd stage of cancerous condition with metastasis to liver, lungs, stomach and uterus then they give them the option of chemotherapy or radiation therapy and the scope of success according to them is very remote and then decided to continue with my treatment and then I took a detailed case talking and give Carcinocin 1 M for one week and later got some clear cut symptoms.,
1 The organs affected were mostly on the right side
2 Desire for sweets
3 No thirst.4 Desires for hot food and drinks. 5 Desire to be uncovered ,6 Desires fanning and cold bathing.7 Pain more of lower abdomen.
Then gave the 30 th Potency of the medicine and she was happy with it and continued good quality of food and drinks and slept well and never got a feeling that she is having a killer disease and I never gave any tinctures or any vitamin supplements and repeat the same every two weeks and then after 3 months changed the Potency to 1M and repeated the same every two weeks and after 9 months changed it to 0/3 a dose every 3 days and then after ,two month a dose daily and then changed the Potency to 0/6 and continued it till the death .She lived happily for nearly two years and she never had any severe pain or vomiting or diarrhea or never screamed and on the day of departure she felt little bit of discomfort and immediately advised to take the medicine in diluted water and had her breakfast just an hour before the death and I was called in immediately, and stood near her in the dying minutes.She was never given any IV fluids.

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