Working in the medical field is a very difficult thing to do because you see both amazing things and tragic things each and every day. If you truly want to make a difference in the world, this is a great place to start. There are endless career options that you can choose from in the medical field and many areas that you can specialize in. For instance, if you love children and love working with kids, you may want to pursue a medical career that works specifically with children. Here are some of the best jobs you can have working with children in the medical field.

#1) Pediatrician

Working as a pediatrician allows you to make a difference in many kids’ lives each day. You are able to help provide the highest quality care for children and teenagers throughout their lives. One of the best things about working as a pediatrician is that you get to watch children grow up and turn into adults. If you are working as a pediatrician, you should highly consider continuing your education by taking PALS courses. These courses can help you the knowledge to prepare to treat children with a wide variety of issues and help give them better care and attention.

#2) Pediatric Registered Nurse

Working as a registered nurse is a very difficult and demanding job; however, the patients you have can make the world of difference. If you are truly looking to have a rewarding job, you may want to consider working as a pediatric registered nurse. The ability to work with children each and every day and help make them feel better can give you a sense of purpose and meaning in your life. It can make you happy each and every day because you have the ability to bring a smile to children’s faces. While giving vaccines may be the worst part of your job, you at least know that you are doing it to keep children healthy.

#3) Occupational Therapist

Another great medical career that allows you to work with children is an occupational therapist. While occupational therapists can work with any age range, the majority of them typically work with children. Occupational therapists have a wide range of responsibilities because you have to help your patients deal with their physical, emotional, and developmental issues. The great thing about the wide range of responsibilities is that you never have to get bored with your job. There is always something new to look forward to each day.

#4) Pediatric Physical Therapist

Working as a physical therapist with children really allows you to make a difference in children’s lives. You are able to work with them on a weekly or bi-weekly basis to help ensure that they get the care and attention they need. You can work with them on a variety of different exercises to help them strengthen their muscles, coordination skills, and developmental areas. You are able to help ensure that they hit all of their developmental milestones and stay on track for success in life.

#5) Child Psychologist

Another wonderful medical career that allows you to work with children is a child psychologist. You can work as a psychologist in both the private and public sectors. Depending on your preferences, you may want to work as a school psychologist or in private practice. You can do great things no matter where you work and should only base the decision on where you feel most comfortable. 

Working as a child psychologist allows you to really help children and get them to open up about all of their feelings. You can be one of the main people in a child’s life that they actually trust and respect. Many children in the United States today do not have a great role model. Working as a child psychologist, you are able to be a real role model for children and help make a huge difference in their lives. 

You can give them advice and help them solve difficult problems to ensure that they find success and happiness. Sometimes, you will get to work with patients for years and really get to watch them mature, while at other times you may only work with them for a few weeks. Either way, this job is very rewarding.


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