Understanding Mammal Remedy Themes


Mammal Remedies are a very interesting group. Remedies that focus on community, the conflict between self and community, Security issues, Dependence on Friends & Family. Need to belong to a group and many more…
Come learn about the Mammal Remedy Themes

Dr Yamini Ramesh

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  1. Thanks for sharing recordings of amazing sessions. Greatly appreciated! God Bless you all for all your hard work

  2. Dear Doctor,
    Thank you for your amazing webinar! Very very informative and well explained. I have a much better idea of the Mammal kingdom than I did before. I really look forward to hearing you speak again about other kingdoms and remedies. You’re brilliant!
    One thing did confuse me though: You described Lac Defloratum and showed a picture of a goat. I was under the impression that Defloratum was the cow. Not sure if you described the cow or the goat.

    • Sylvia thanks a lot for your kind appreciation . you are right actually i was describing goat only and remedy is lac caprinum. by mistake i wrote lac def. i aplogize for that. i didnt see the title well , so it was a mistake. it is goat and lac caprinum.

  3. Thank you so much Dr Yamini and the I Love Homoeopathy webinars for milk remedies. It was a lovely lecture, quite knowledgeable and to start up with milk remedies.
    The Lac series will be awaited.

  4. Very Nice Webinar on Mammel Remedies Dr Yamini Maam as she is amazing in Sensation Method.She is an inspiration for me to learn Sensation approach by Dr Rajan Shankaran.


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