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The common European adder or common European viper

Vipera affects the blood and blood-vessels, conducing to hemorrhage and inflammation of the vessels themselves. A keynote for Vip. In cases of phlebitis and varicosis is “< on letting the limb affected hang down”; as if it would burst with fullness. The region of the vessel affected is inflamed and sensitive Sleeplessness; from pain.Night restless.

Mind. Delirium; and raving; with vomiting; alternating with sopor.Coma, with thirst for water. Loss of mental functions with drawn features.

Head. Vertigo: with falling forward

Heart: Sticking in heart; with cold sweat and faintness. Pain in heart with faintness. Dragging pain so that he tears his clothes

Mouth: Scorbutic line on gums. Sensation of swelling in the teeth (H. W., xxviii. 25).Swelling of salivary glands; of mouth; of mouth and throat, with dryness, so that swallowing was impossible. Tongue: swollen; and brownish-black, protruding; so that he could not speak; with closed jaws and difficult speech. Tongue: black; fuliginous and breath fetid; yellow, tip red; white, tremulous; white in middle, moist on edges, with thirst. Speech: inarticulate; and thick; lost on account of weakness.

Keywords : congestion of blood in veins with intolerable, busting pains, agg. by hanging down the affected part. (amel. horizontal position)

Synopsis: 1. Bursting (fullness sensation) in blood vessels,
especially veins, with unbearable pain, Agg. by hanging
down of the limbs, must sit up or lie down with elevated
parts (acute phlebitis)
2. Hemorrhagic tendency, even chronic epistaxis, hematuria
3. Varicose veins and ulcers with the characteristic modality
4. Persistent edema with tendency to ulcers (of legs)
with septic conditions following
5. Hemorrhage red, black, dark clots, excessive bleeding
prostration and faintness, especially nursing a baby.
6. Black petechial spots all over body, blisters.
7. symptoms return annually for years.
8. paralysis, ascending paraplegia, multiple neuritis.
Raving delirium with vomiting alternates with sopor, coma
with thirst for water, loss of mental functins.
Tongue swollen, protruding, speech difficult.
Unbearable bursting pain in limbs ameliorated, only by elevating
them. Pulsation of limbs synchronous with heart beat.
Females: Climacteric hemorrhage, flow red with dark
clots, not profuse, but continuous, Prostration and faintness
from nursing the child, with epistaxis.

Phatak SR., Materia Medica of homeopathic remedies.
Vipera a remedy for primary anemia with numbness which may
be widespread. Skin peel in large scales, lymphangioma,
boils. Carbuncles, with bursting sensation, Goitre. lips blue, swollen, throat swelling like goitre, glottis
Worse, letting limbs hang down, yearly, cold, touch, change of
Enlarged liver violent pain extends to shoulder and hip,
jaundice with fever. Urinary hematuria
Skin Gangrene, ulcers, boils, carbuncles with bursting
sensation, peeling off in large plates, Related to Elaps.

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