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The thick woolly leaves of V.Thapsus, have a mucilaginous, bitter taste, and a decoction of them is employed in domestic practice in catarrhs and diarrhea, used as emollient applications to hard tumors and in pulmonary complaints in cattle- hence one of its popular names is Bullock’s lung-wort.

Also called Adam’s flannel, from its flannel-like leaves.

Hahnemann proved Verbascum and confirms its old uses. Produces neuralgic pains of very great intensity, pressing and lancinating, especially in the facial bones, navel, and limbs, and a peculiar cough.

“COUGH, deep, hollow, hoarse, in sound like a trumpet”

Nash description curing cases in low potency more night cough, occurring in children during sleep. Mullen brought it as a popular specific for Phthisis, the leaves boiled in milk, which was then strained and given warm.

Gerard mentions it as a remedy for piles. this “Mullein Oil” (oil prepared from oil plus the flowers by putting the blossoms in a bottle and laying the bottle in the sun and later by expression) has found many uses, especially for instilling in the ears in cases of deafness, or earache,
in cases of enuresis nocturnal and painful micturition.

Provings brought out marked symptoms in the ears, especially left ear so Verbascum is predominantly left-sided.

Verb. in scanty stool, like sheep’s dung, nearly as hard as rocks, expelled with much effort. Haemorrhoids, affections of the inner navel region, obstruction, form induration of stool. darting pains in inner parts, perspiration. Worse when sitting, from change of temperature. Better on rising from a sitting posture.

Short sleep at night, lasting only till 4 am, with anxious, frightful, dreams of wars and dead bodies.

Dr. Sivaraman, recommends for hemorrhoids, one drop of the tincture to the ounce of ointment, applied at bed time.

Neuralgic pain of great intensity and commonly affecting left side, one of the important causes of trigeminal neuralgia is caries molar tooth, and Verb. will do a good job.

Obtuse pressive shooting sensation of the left zygomatic arch, with tension, in the articular projection of the temporal bone, and on the frontal protuberance, when exposed to the air and when in a draught of air.

Lippe a Von, stinging pains in the limbs and neuralgic pain in the left ankle,. Very violent diarrhea with griping, a great deal of belly pain, as if pierced with a lance. Cramps around the navel, seems as if pain was caused by the bowels becoming twisted.
Otitis and otalgia, especially after getting wet, with a sensation as if something stopped ears, first left then right. Painful tearing and drawing extending inward, feeling of numbness in left ear.

Douglass ME, writes as sensation as if the temples were pinched together with pincers. So Verb is to be thought for catarrhs or colds when they are associated with neuralgia of the left side of the face, which appears periodically, generally twice a day, the same hour in the morning and
afternoon of each day. .

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