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The American plant of Veratrum Album in Europe.
Clarke A.G., Decachords, 1. Plethoric subjects
2. Furious delieiums, screaming and howling, 3. Sudden,
intense, local congestions especially to base of brain, spine,
chest, stomach, also of pelvis, dysmenorrhea, coup-de-soleil.
4.Acute febrile diseases with great arterial excitement,
convulsions often precede eruptions, acute rheumatism.
5. Tongue white or yellow coated with red STREAK DOWN
centre 6. Slow pulse is primary and more characterictic
action, arterial excitement is secondary effect.
7. Convulsive twitchings and tremblings, even paralysis with
tingling. 8. Cerebro-spinal diseases with cold, clammy
perspiration, opisthotonos, basilar meningitis, apoplexy with
slow, full, hard-as-iron pulse. 9. PEUMONIAS early
congestive stage with, laboured breathing and livid face.
10. Agg. on rising, waking, evening, motion.
Blackwood A.L. Diseases of the heart, writes for
Pericarditis heart’s action violent, hard pulse, full bounding
lung congestion, brain, and cerebro-spinal system. The
patient is plethoric, of large muscular development and of
rigid fibre.
ENDOCARDITIS: pletoric, violent pains, high fever, white or
yellow tongue with a red streak down the centre.
Aneurysm of the aorta this remedy has the power of
reducing the pulse rate when given in five-drop doses of
the tincture every three hours.
Think of this remedy when in cases in which fever is present
and the arterial excitement is prominent but do not give it
simply to bring down the pulse or control the heart’s action
but like any other remedy for the TOTALITY OF THE
By Beatriz H Hill, Medicina Homeopática behhill.

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