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or White hellebore from the liliaceae family, tincture of
the bulb root-stocks collected in June before flowering
Hahnemann showed that Veratrum was the principal egent used at antcyra and other places in Greece to produce evacuations which
were regarded as an essential of the Cure

Murphy R. Homeopathic Remedy Guide:

Veratrum profoundly affects the mind, nerves, abdominal, heart, blood,
-vessels, respiration, vertex and digestive system.
Collape with extreme coldness, blueness and weakness
with sweat in forehead is key to the remedy, Post-operative
shock with cold sweat on forehead, pale face, feeble pulse,
cold perspiration on the forehead with nearly all complaints.
Vomiting, purging and cramps in limbs. The profuse violent
retching and vomiting is most characteristic. Surgical shock,
excessive dryness of all mucous surfaces. Violent mania
alternates with silence and refusal to talk.
Icy coldness of feet and hand not bettered by external warm.
effects are violent and sudden. it is a great fainting remedy.
faints from emotions, least exertion, slight injury with
hemorrhage after stools, vomiting.


Cold as ice, breath tongue.
Convulsions caused by religious mania or excitement, also
for children.
Use in Post-operative shock, shock of injury, ill effects of
fright, disappointed love injured pride or honor. Suppressed
rashes, opium tobacco, alcohol, in the extremes of life children
and old people, lean, choleric or melancholy persons
young people and women or a sanguine or nervo-sanguine temperament(of mountaineers)
People who are habitually cold and deficient in vital reaction
persons of gay disposition, of fitful mood, anaemic persons
Children feel better when carriend, better if covered, hot
drinks, lying, eating meat, milk, worse from cold drinks, drinking, exerting, fright during pain, worse wet, cold weather.
Worse at night, before and during menses, after stools.
worse from touch, pressure, worse injured pride or honor
opium eating, tobacco chewing.
THEY LIKE TO LIE, and delusions of impending misfortune.
mania with desire to cut and tear things, never speaks the
truth, kisses everybody, before menses, the like to scold
fear of death, despairs of their salvation, imagines the
world on fire.
Female, menses too early too profuse, suppressed, menorrhagia with nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, dysmenorrhea with coldness, purging, cold sweat, faints from least exertion. Nymphomania,
before menses from disappointed love, unsatisfied passion in lying-in women, Eclampsia, puerperal mania.

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