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Variolinum nosode
Lymph from small pox pustule. Used to make vaccines.

As a characteristic the patient has fear to get smallpox. Variolinum is indicated in small-pox where there is not much pain; the patient can even eat fairly well; the skin looks natural between the pustules; the appearance of the eyeball is white and natural; the mild uncomplicated cases of small-pox are the ones calling for Variolinum.
Fears of death with wild excitement as if he was to die, and he falls a sleep while talking
With loud breathing.
Forehead very hot, red face and bloated carotids pulsating violently.
Chills with headache before or after, in forehead, severe in vertex, as if a band tightly encircled head, throbbing worse with every pulsation, severe lancinating
Pain intoleralbe in occiput.
Syncope in attempting to rise, vertigo, with chronic ophthalmic with loss of sight and
Pupils constricted,
Keratitis after being vaccinated and gets smallpox
Deafness, jaw falls when falls asleep, with trembling when aroused, skin of face and
Neck deep dark/purple hue
Dr. W.J.Guernsey wrote: “once made a beautiful cure of a most intractable case of acne with Variolinum, which I was led to prescribe because the man’s face was so disfigured by cicatricial marks so as to resemble one who had been afflicted with small-pox.”- W. J. Guernsey.
yellow coating in tongue, aversion to food, fever, vomiting, constipation
Nephritis with albuminuria, hematuria, and dropsy, developed eleven days after vaccination ; child recovered.
Puffed red face and red eyes, with small pimples on face and hands.
Redness and distension of face, chill running down back, till afternoon.
Child wants to be carried.
General malaise.
Languor, lassitude.
Many persons faint when being vaccinated.
Tired all over, with stretching, gaping feeling ; unnatural fatigue.
The patient is very sensitive, rheumatic like pains in wrists and hands

A general eruption similar to cow-pox.the eruptions in boy are small, with depression, brown like
the pustules look dark-red base king of oblong roundish elevated pustules, filled with pus
of a greenish yellow color, worse at left side, between shoulders,, on left shoulder, behind right
ear, vorioloid like, some look as large pea, some smaller without depression in the center, very
itchy, feel like hard skin. Also can be small eruptions, red vesicle on the left upper arm
gying off after a few days also in chest, pustules filled with matter, with red halo and depression
on left shoulder, Red pimples or blotches in various parts, most evident when warm,
skin hot and dry,
Eruption like small pimples developed after vaccination with fourth dilution.
Tingling burning skin worse in forehead and lower and anterior portion of hairy scalp,
tinged with a scarlet blush, or efflorenscence, similar to the immediate precursor of variolous

Variolinum 6, in water, for one day with strict diet, repeated for eight days, acted as preventive in six hundred cases.

Restless sleep.
Waked in middle of night by pain in forehead and eyes as if split, and stinging in temples.

After lying down profuse perspiration broke out, after which chill, redness, and pimples disappeared.
Chill with shaking. The following night she could hardly get warm.
Fever, with heat, thirst, tossing about, crying, aversion to food.
Materia Médica By Henry Clay ALLEN, M. D.


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