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A few experiments have been made with Uva, and these have seemed to accentuate its traditional reputation as an “astringent used to check excessive secretion of mucus, as in urinary and bronchial affections, and even in calculus.” The keynote indications are: Painful micturition with burning sensation. Burning after the discharge of slimy urine. Slime passes with blood. In one cured case there were pains shooting through from hip to hip. The bladder symptoms are >lying on the back.

Hering in the The Guiding Symptoms of our Materia Medica for UVA URSI says
Constant urging to urinate and straining, with discharge of blood and slime, or constant straining without any discharge at all, or only a few drops of urine ; after this cutting and burning in urethra, which is succeeded by discharge of blood ; hard stools.
Shooting pains from hip to hip ; bladder and urethra sensitive ; frequent urination, with pain and burning during and after urinating, relief of all symptoms when lying upon back ; tongue thick, brown coat ; pulse 110 ; great thirst, no appetite ; second day drowsy and stupid ; urine turbid and on fifth day passed blood, mucus and pus. θ Catarrh of bladder.

Man, age. 48 ; since four months severe urinary difficulties ; emaciated, features sallow and œdematous ; frequent and severe inclination to urinate, with burning in glans when urine passes guttatim, and in small quantities, taking ten minutes and more to pass a small quantity ; before urinating frequent and continued spasm of bladder ; after great straining passes a few drops ; at all times burning and tearing pains in hypogastric region, which is warmer, swollen, and sensitive to touch ; frequent intense chills ; severe heat, but no sweat ; pulse 86 to 90, small and soft ; tenesmus of bladder robs him of sleep ; downcast, wishes to die ; no appetite ; tongue coated with mucus ; stool retarded, hard and painful ; thirst increased, but afraid to drink ; great and general languor ; unsteadiness of lower extremities ; brown, muddy, foul-smelling urine, with large deposit of greyish slimy sediment, more than one-third its quantity ; sediment showed alkaline reaction, produced flakes in boiling, and Nitric acid
gave it a pink color ; membranous particles at times clogged up urethra, producing excruciating pain till they are discharged with some blood

(Uva ursi) relieved greatly ; Cannabis 1, daily two doses, in weekly alternation with Uva ursi finished the cure).

θ Cysto-blennorrhea.
Pain, burning and straining, dribbling of urine, sometimes spasms of bladder, could not urinate.
Painful dysuria, with frequent but difficult discharge of thick, ropy urine of strong, pungent odor.


Slight vertigo and headache.

Fluent coryza with rawness.


Weak, sick at stomach, sore all over as if bruised.

Slimy urine; slime passes with blood.─Painful micturition; burning after the slime passes.─Hæmaturia; slimy, purulent urine.─Green urine.─Constant urging and straining.─Shooting pain from hip to hip, bladder and urethra sensitive.

Hoarseness with pain in bowels; stopped up in throat; no appetite.─Throat tickles, feels like coughing all the time; sore and bruised all over; cough; nose raw and burning; cutting and burning on urinating.

The Dictionary of Practical Materia Medica. J. H. Clarke

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