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From the tuberculosis bacilus Mycobacterium tuberculosis of Koch’s bacilus.
Extract of the culture of bacilus Koch’s lymph or extract of the product
of cultures.

It is deep acting constitutionally, because it is a
product of disease from a very deep-seated constitutional condition,
like Silica and Sulphur. it goes deep into the life; it is antipsoric;
it is long acting, and it affects constitutions more deeply
than most remedies; and when our deepest remedies act only a few weeks,
and they have to be changed, this remedy comes in as one of the
remedies-when the symptoms agree and brings a better state of reaction,
so that remedies hold longer.

It may well be considered a species of Psorinum
It is used when there is an ongoing symptom change when the person is under
homeopathic care and well choosen remedies do not act effectively.
Blackwood AL, this remedy has been employed in insterstitia, nephritis, also in
Bronco pneumonia of tubercular patients when resolution is delayed.

Late effects of influenza as I had observed, influenza in the phthisical patients.
Tub, is not a specific for pulmonary tuberculosis but it is also a good remedy
for bony suppurations, especially en cases that have been rebellious to other
remedies. Also stimulates the cells of the body, enabling them to form
agglutinations, opsonics, and other substances related to the imnune process
(Allen) Babies with blue sclerotica may need the remedy.
Nervous ; weak ; IRRITABLE.
Although naturally of a sweet disposition, became taciturn, sulky, snappish, fretty,
irritable, morose, depressed and melancolic, even to insanity.-Burnett.

With every little ailment whines and complains ; easily frightened, particularly by dogs ;
screams in terror when approached by a dog.
Likes to change constantly, < cold, aversion to work
they present throught life, alergies with red round spots.

Head: Tuberculinum cures the most violent and the most chronic periodical
sick headaches, periodical nervous headaches.

Bowels and rectum: It is a common feature of tubercular affections of
the brain and of the meninges to suffer from constipation.
Stool large and hard; or, constipation alternating with diarrhoea.
It is a well-known clinical fact. Constipation is a strong feature of Tuberc.
Constipation, stool large and hard; then diarrhoea.
Itching of the anus.
Sudden diarrhoea before breakfast, with nausea.
Inguinal glands indurated and visible.
Excessive sweat in chronic diarrhea.
Skin: Perspiration from mental exertion.

Perspiration stains the linen yellow. Heat and perspiration during sleep.
We know what a common feature it is in phthisis to have night sweats.
Formication in the skin.

This remedy has cured tubercular eruptions of the skin.
Cures red purplish eruptions that are nodular in character;
the patient wants to sit all the time by the fire – itching in cold air,
better by going to the fire, worse from scratching.
Sensitive to every change of the weather, especially to cold,
and to damp weather, and sometimes to warm damp weather, and to rainy weather.
Always worse before a storm. (Kent Materia Medica)

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