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Haemorrhage, active and passive, bright red, from nose lungs, kidneys and uterus, tendency to putrescence of fluids, epistaxis, profuse, passive, bright red. Bleeding from cavity after extraction of a tooth. Menses: profuse, every two weeks or longer, after over exertion or too long a ride
Flooding, with fainting .

Menorrhagia, flow, profuse, gushing bright red, at least movement, from displaced uterus; at the climateric, every two weeks, dark, clotted.

Hemoptysis: incipient phthisis, with bllody sputa, in advenced stages with copious, purulent expectoration and troublesome cough. Sensation as if hips and small of back were falling to pieces, as if sacro-iliac synchondroses were falling apart, wants to be bound tightly, as if bones of
pelvis were broken, with hemorrhage.
Profuse uterine hemorrhage at climateric, flow every two weeks, pale, faint, dim sight, palpitation, obstruction and noise in ears, painful sinking at pit of stomach.

Complementary to Cal p, in menstrual and hemorrhagic affections Compare Cinch, Bell, Kali C, Mill, Lach, Sep., Sulph, Thlas, Ust.

Boericke W. Pocket Manual of Homeopathic M.M.
A general hemorrhagic medicine, with great faintness and dizziness, chronic diarrhea of bloody mucus, Uterine hemorrhage, threatened abortion, RELAXATION OF PELVIC REGION, cramp-like pains, phthisis with purulent and copious expectoration and spitting of blood.
Heat and burning stomach rising up in oesophagus. Dysentery, passage almost pure blood.
Female, Prolapse with great bearing down, metrorrhagia at climacteric, lochia suddenly becomes sanguinous, dribbling of urine after labor.

Boger CM, A Synoptic Key
Region Female sexual organs, worse at motion, climaxis, better -exertion in open air, tight bandage, bending forward.
Beatriz H Hill, Medicina Homeopatica behhill
Reference: Allen H C, Keynotes and Characteristics

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