Treponema pallidium...

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Treponema pallidium…
Destruction Mother tincture made from syphilis.
It is well used for chronic conditions such as asthma,
constipation, painful menstruation, inflamation of the iris and neuralgias. Symptoms appear gradually and resolve slowly. Syphilis is very deep and insidious in its action because it is not only the physical tissues like blood, bone and flesh that it attacks and destroys, but also it attacks and implants its mischevious characteristics in the finest part of the victim-namely in his mind. and here Imbecility will show. This imbecility or idiocy is a slow, gradual process. Let us remember that PSORA makes the mind over-active, SYCOSIS mal-active and
SYPHILIS under-active. Psora is quick, sycosis is bad, and syphilis is slow.
Psora is intelligent, sycosis is mischivious and syphilis is idiotic. It destroys the very balance of the mind.
< at night, cold air, lying down, mental exertion many complaints come on winter. >in warm air, in the morning, during summer.
BeatrizHH for ILH 15-11-10

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