Therapeutic Range.- (Gelsemium)

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Therapeutic Range.- (Gelsemium)
Bignonia sempervirens. Yellow Jessamine
the plant biggest policrest producing paralisis, diplopia,
ptosis of the eye lids, diarrea after fright, mental postration
before exams, fear to talk in public, ailments after
bad news, after anger, post-diphteric paralisis, entoxication,
Trembling is a key note of the remedy.
complaints from bad or exciting news ; from fright (Acon., Op.) ; from the anticipation of some unusual ordeal ; in asthenic types of fever: remittent, intermittent, typhoid ; exanthemata ; in eruptive fevers, especially with tendency to convulsions ; in catarrhs of mucous membranes, watery mucus, never purulent discharges ; amaurosis ; neuralgia ; epilepsy ; convulsions ; paralysis ; hysteria ; locomotor ataxia ; nervous chills ; cerebro-spinal meningitis ; spinal and cerebral congestions ; rheumatism ; myalgia ; dysmenorrhoea ; ovarian irritation ; delayed or inefficient labor pains ; rigid os uteri ; false labor pains ; abortion ; puerperal convulsions ; enuresis.
Mentally irritable, does not want to talk, sensible, desire to be alone, depression of the spirit, Stupor, cannot open the eyes,
wants to jump out of the window, fear to be alone, because something will happen, and in this moment talks and writes.
Coward, paralisis motora, trembles, weakness, indiference,
Rheumatic pains in bones and joints furing the night.
worse by the change of weather,
M.M. Kent, and Clarke.
Beatrizhh 11-7-2011

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