The Wandering Pains of Rheumatism

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Cured After Repeated Failures with Other Remedies.

On January 11th I was summoned to attend a case of rheumatism. On questioning the patient, found he had had one attack some time before, which lasted three months, treated by an old school physician. On examination, found all the joints of the lower extremities very much swollen; very painful with the slightest movement; severe cough; tongue coated white; pulse 130; temperature 104°.

Gave him Aconite and Bryonia. On the following day found lower extremities somewhat better, but upper extremities found in quite the same condition as lower extremities day before. I then gave him Magnesia phos. and Kali sulph. in alternation every hour.

On January 23d discharged him cured. (J. H. Hoag, M. D.)

Useful when the pains shift suddenly from one place to another — “wandering” rheumatism.
Pains are worse in a heated room or in the evening; feel easier in cool air.

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