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THE TWELVE GOLDEN RULES, WHICH SHOULD BE OBSERVED BY EVERY BODY, but more particularly by persons who are under Homoeopathic Treatment, or who
habitually resort to it in sickness, or generally favor the Homeopathic doctrines and mode of practice.

In all acute diseases, the diet and general treatment of the patient is, of course, strictly regulated by the attending physician or nurse, agreeably to the exigencies of the case; the following rules are designed only for persons in health, or for chronic patients whose general
health seems satisfactory, or for all those who are not obliged, by particular circumstances, to deviate from them.

Rule 1.

Rise early, and make it a point to retire at ten o’clock ; seven hours’ sleep should suffice ;
although less may do in some cases, and, in others, more may be required.


Rule 2.

Wash your whole body from head to foot, with cold water, every morning, winter and
summer, immediately after leaving the bed; and rub yourself well with a flesh-brush or
coarse towel, immediately after washing.

Rule 3.

Never sleep in a warm room, or in a room that has not been properly ventilated in the

Rule 4.

Never sit or sleep in a draught of air ; this rule is almost universally violated, but a
draught of air is generally hurtful, more in one case than in another, and more especially
when persons are over-heated, or covered with perspiration.

Rule 5.

Dress according to the season ; but be careful not to leave off your winter clothes before the warm weather has fairly set in. This rule should be particularly observed by persons who are subject to sore throat, bronchitis, chronic cough, and such like weaknesses.

Rule 6.

Avoid all kinds of heavy and indigestible food, such as rich pastry, fat, heavy farinaceous
diet, warm bread, spices, mustard, pepper, etc.

Rule 7.

Avoid all stimulating drinks, brandy, beer, wine, and content yourself with cold water,
milk, light and unspiced chocolate, weak black tea, and syrups made of currants, raspberries, strawberries, or other kinds of wholesome and unmedicinal fruit. Never use tobacco in any shape, except for medicinal purposes.

Rule 8.

Never keep on wet or damp clothes, stockings, etc., and never sleep on damp sheets.

Rule 9.

Do not expose yourself to keen, sharp winds, and avoid the raw and damp evening air. ,

Rule 10.

Live as nearly as possible in the same temperature; keep your room moderately warm,
and make it a point never to sit near the fire.

Rule 11.

Eat your meals at regular hours ; eat slowly ; chew every mouthful well, and do not swallow it until it is properly mixed up with saliva. If possible, take about an hour for each meal, and never eat so much as to leave the table with a sense of repletion and oppression ; do not forget to clean your teeth with a soft tooth-brush after eating, and never indulge in the abominable habit of picking them.

Rule 12.

Avoid every kind of food or drink which naturally disagrees with you; take a little exercise in the open air every day, but not in any kind of weather ; select particularly fine, bracing or balmy weather for a walk or ride ; exposure to rainy, windy, raw or damp weather never does any body any good.

These twelve rules are golden rules, the observance of which can never be impressed with too much care upon the attention of those who are anxious to preserve their health, and to remain free from the many unpleasant feelings which are apt to trouble those who neglect the proper dietetic and hygienic precautions.

The followers of Hahnemann should all be distinguished by habits of cleanliness, neatness
and regularity, and by moderation in the use of ( food and drink; every genuine homoeopathist will consider it his duty to cultivate a refined / taste in manners, language, feelings and habits of life, and he will use all his influence to ) discourage the sad and devastating practices of chewing, smoking and drinking, to which so many millions are addicted to the detriment of their health and the ruin of their fortunes and inward peace.

Reference: Organon of Specific Homeopathy by Charles J. Hempel

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