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In Greek mythology Arachne was a Lidian girl who was skilled at
weaving exceptionally. She challenged Godess Athena to a
competition and then proceeded to mock the Gods in the
Design of her wooven cloth. The Gods sought vengance by
turning her into a spider so she could weave to her heart’s content.
The species of spiders has been termed Arachnid in honor of this
myth. Note the story gives clues to the remedy picture.
Pleople responding to spider remedies are notoriously industrious,
workaholics, women often good at knitting, weaving, tapesty and
similar crafts, men often rock shining stars.
Tarentula is vengeful streak and boastfull at rage.
clarivoyance is common in this remedy in a gut feeling.
But they like to fly anywere, manipulative, good mothers, they give
their life for children, truethful, manipulative and persuative for their
benefit for friends they love.
Tarentula is the more dramatic of all spiders
She shows restlessness and anxiety states hyperactivities, twitching
stinging pains of the muscles. Cures Diabetes with anxiety. Parkinson.
Keeping itself busy calms the person, hence the high energy lifestyle.
Great fear to death, and this fear underlies some of the agression
that can reach a maniacal state. Better at night after eating.
Woman who slash their ex’s clothes may need spider.
Music betters the spider, they are great dancers, or music can
produce very different responces, spider energized by music or becomes irritable, seeing strangers, animals, faces, insectrs and ghosts. They have uncontrolable sexual erethisiim< woman, nynphomanía, coition intensifies the desire and is followed by no relief. Thirst and lack of appetite, they have a sence of guilt about the victims of their outburst anger. Spider are solitary creatures the mothers lay the eggs and die before they hatch. Spiders are free spirits by nature, the remedy is deep and profound in organism and should only be taken as prescribed by a qualified Homeopath. Beatrizhh for I Love Homeopathy 20-1-11

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