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This remedy made of streptococcus
A remedy used when there is strep. in the person’s history and it has been
suppressed with antibiotics. This includes previous diagnosis of strep. throat.
this is a typical never well since… tonsillitis, tonsillectomy, all types of strep.
infections, antifebrile actions. Blood dysentery (bacillary type) Chorea,
Chronic phase of serum sickness, diphteria, measles, rheumatism, scarlet
fever. Septic symptoms in infectious diseases, tonsillitis, vaccination”NB. W. S
especially rickety appearance and malnutrition.
Used for more acute cases, sudden onset. History of Reumatic fever, caused
by Streptococcus B-haemolyticus. Strep-throat or sore throat wich is
characterised by Strep. infection. Worse in wet weather. Worse at
begining of move, better from subsequent motion.
After tonsillectomy when the patient is pale, thin, dark below the eyes, no
appetite, recurrent catching cold thirstless.
Acute bacillary sysentery with haemorrhage and high rise of
temeperature with toxemia. The more the blood the better it is indicated
like mercury. High rise of fever with tachycardia, rehumatic heart disease
in chilldhood.
Beatrizhh 18-11-10 ILH

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