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Suppressed anger and resentment, compliant but angry, easily offended, sensitive to pain, sweat smelling like rotten eggs,
onanismo, and alilments after sexual excess.
Delphinium Staphisagria is a species of Larkspur native to the Mediterranean and parts of Asia and Europe, the seeds are a
very poisonous diterpene an alkaloid called Delphininum
The seeds are violent emetics and cathartic. It is used externally in herbal medicine as a vermifuge but is regarded too poisonous for internal administration.
Warning: Extreme care must be taken when handling this plant as very small doses of Delphinine can be fatal.
Staphisagria for the repression or bottled up feelings and
resentment of very sensible persons who feel offended easily
with indignation as a state of anger where he looses his temper
throwing or pushing things indignantly.
When they are ill they do not want to be touched, they sweat
when they feel anxious, nervous or his feelings repressed.
Allen explains staph. acts in the genitourinary organs
affecting the prostatic portion of the urethral mucous membrane.
causing irritation and chronic inflammation sometime extending
into the ejalculatory canals and seminal tract, often with
Baehr B. in the Science of therapeutics indicates the remedy
in ostitis with severe pain and the bone and periostium
are affected at the same time, in the case of scrofulous
individuals, if the facial bones or those of the legs and feet
are involved. Muscle drawing pains < while sitting.
Also suppuration of the bones and periostium
Painful swelling of the glands of the throat, neck and axilae,
Arthritical nodosities of the fingers, osteitis of phalanges
of the fingers, nate ache while sitting. weakness of knees
< by walking < in the morning in bed, weary and without
Limbs sore as if bruised and as if there were no strength in
Weariness and sleepiness after eating, needs to lie down
Skin Herpes < by scratching, with a burning feeling and
< at evening with crhonic miliary eruptions< touch.
Beatriz H Hill

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