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IDOL: introducing the Homeopath Idol of the week, Dr. Beatriz H. Hill, from Guatemala. Beatriz is one of the administrators of “I Love Homeopathy”, which she maintains the fan-page in two languages: Spanish and English.

Her medical degree is from Instituto Guatemalteco de medicina (IGMAN), and she gained her Master Classical Homeopath (6 years) from Escuela Homeopatica de las Am├â┬®ricas.
Beatriz has a long list of impressive credentials, and she is a registered member of the ASOCIACION GUATEMALTECA DE PROFESIONALES HOMEOPATAS.

Above all, Beatriz is an artist, a dedicated wonderful person with big heart, who is actively involved in raising public awareness about Homeopathy, and as well refreshing practitioners’ education about natural remedies.

Long Live Beatriz!

Iman 🙂

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