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Common name: Black mustard, True mustard. Tamil: Chirukadugu
French: Chou nor, German: Gruener senf

Proved by Butler, North American Journal of Homeopathy. 1872.

Mentally irritable, difficult to think and study, unreasonably cross, dissatisfied without cause. Mind works rapidly.
Vertigo of old people with hard hearing after eating heavy food, especially fat. Dull heavy headache in the top and sides of head. Better when mind occupied to study, shutting eyes, in open air; worse in warm room, when thinking of it. Frontal headache most over bridge of the nose and edge of the orbits.
A drug of choice in Rhinitis, where the discharge is thin watery with lachrymation, sneezing and a hacking cough, better by lying down. Nose dry and hot, stoppage of left nostril all day. There is dull frontal headache and itching of the nose and eyes.
A drug of choice in Pharyngitis when pharynx is hot and inflamed especially on the left side, feels scalded. Loud coughing- spells with barking expiration. Cough is relieved by lying down.


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