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After Kali Muriaticum , when pus has commenced to form. It will assist suppuration, cause the abscess to ripen and often break without surgical interference.
Should also be given after the tumor has broken and is discharging its contents.

Silicea in Suppurations.

Young lady, aged 16. Had suffered for several months from her right foot. Physicians declared that the foot must be amputated. Was fearfully swollen and discharging large quantities of matter. Her leg was almost bent to a right angle, at the knee joint, and could not be moved. I prescribed Silicea, one dose daily. In three months the patient walked to my office without assistance. The foot was almost completely healed, with only a slight discharge of matter.

Silicea in Suppuration of the Ear.

Case of discharge from the ear, which had been treated for a long time ineffectually, and caused the patient severe pain day and night. It was entirely cured with Silicea,

Silicea in Boils of the Nose.

Mr. A., was troubled with little boils around the edges of the nostrils. He had used many remedies without success. Silicea gave immediate relief.

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