Schuessler salts for Weak Eyesight

Schuessler Salts for Weak Eyesight

Weak eyesight from weakness or exhaustion after disease. Blindness from partial decay of the optic nerve; dilated pupils. Drooping of the lids or squinting after diphtheria, from weakness of the muscles.

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  1. Has anyone used this product with success, please? Would like to try it for the return of my Father’s eyesight in his nursing home.Would add so much to his quality of life.

  2. Glenda, not tried this one but salts have an amazing effect sometimes, go for it!
    Dehydration is not good for eyes either, bathing with cotton wool and witch hazel in warm water may help.

  3. You know the carers won’t give him anything not prescribed, right ? So if you want it to work, you need to be very regular with it.
    I have so much trouble helping my mum with a trenchant GP and Head Nurse not believing in voodoo !

  4. Husband had brain tumer operation, radiation and chemo after and hasan upper left side vision impairment From what I’ve read this may help. How could it be administered to be most effective?

  5. Very useful in Psychosomatic dis. e.g. .Mental depression, Anxiety, insomnia (sleepless) fear lack of confidence, etc. I always use Kali Phos6×.12× with Homoeopathic remedy as a complimentary

  6. in homeopathy there is no “side effect” .. there is “homeopathic stiimulus of vital force” in curative direction.. else there is aggravation (medicinally created dis-ease)
    See a homeopath rather than attempting helter-skelter self treatment of deep-set condition or disease.

  7. “let thy food by thy medicine…” discover foods and herbs to potentially assist you.
    research eye-excercise for your particular form of “weak” eyesight.
    Go to a professional of homeopathy for a consultation.


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