Colds & Fever

Ferrum Phosphoricum — For the first or inflammatory stage, or as a preventive; takes cold easily.
Catarrhal fever; congestion of the nasal membranes; fever; pains in the head, chest or extremities. Alternate with the remedy called for by the discharge.

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  1. If you love homeopathy then flow Organon …homeopathy Medicine not use a one particular Disease . its Depends only Symptoms .

  2. I used to live in Europe where the salts come from. According dr.Schuessler rules three of them are made in potency 12x – calcium fluoride, silica and ferr phos for better assimilation. When I came here in the US I noticed that they make all of them in 6x. Maybe it’s not a big deal,but it is not the original dr.Schuessler sistem. I’m just saying.U0001f60a

  3. The books say they can’t be antidoted. They are part of the human body,but not a typical homeopathy medicine. So don’t worry about that.

  4. only Ferrum Phos is not enough……most of the time, during cold if you start this remedy, you will have fever…..

  5. Dear Linna, maybe you know what tissue salt is indicated if there are wrinkles (folds) in the corners of the lips, going down.. I didn’t find this as a facial sign.. Thank you!

  6. Hi Iryna! Yes, it is not listed in facial signs,but I think that issue leads to Calcium fluoride which make skin tight and Silica which is collagen forming salt. You can try those two salts in combination with Nat Mur for more moisture. And be patient,it will take a while…U0001f60a

  7. one more small question – can different salts be taken at the same time, or should we wait 10-15 min betweenthem

  8. YES,you can take them at the same time,but one by one,until dissolved in your mouth. Another convenient way to take them,as dr.Happen say is to put all of them in bottle of water (500ml)and drink it in LITTLE sips. I have been doing it this way. You will see which way is easier for you.


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