SANICULA Mineral Spring Water

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Natural mineral spring water.
The water of Sanicula spring is without odor or color
and has an agreeable and slightly alkaline taste.
Sherbino proved Sanic. in the potencies and a large number
of the symptoms of the provings have been confirmed.
Sanic. one of the best proved remedies of the Materia Medica
a polycrest and anti-psoric of wide range. Guernsey
considers Sanicula the chronic of Chamomilla.
Affects the nutrition, female organs, rectum, neck and skin,
It has been found useful in bedwetting, seasickness,
constipation, body smells like old cheese. Children,
kicks off covers at night, wants to lie on something soft
and thin. Cothes feel cold damp, enlarged feeling in throat,
vagina, etc. Thick acrid yellow pus, aversion to ouch.
Bursting in perineum, bowels, bladder, vertex chest.
Car or seasickness.
Master F.J. Tubercular Miasm, Aversion to meat, partial,
as the patient has marked desire for bacon. Extremely
thirsy, drinks little and often, yet is undernourished.
Nach EB. Regional Leaders M.M.
The Sanicula child looks old, dirty, greasy and brownich,
skin about neck wrinkled, hands in folds. Eczema, fissured
hands and fingers.
Nash E.B. Regional Leaders
Increased thirst and profuse urination point to the usefulness
of this drug in treatment of Diabetes Mellitus.
Weakness, emaciation, with dirty, greasy, ill-nourished
skin which itches intolerably. Cold clammy hands and feet
with foul sweat. Stubborn constipation, no desire for days.
or diarrhea with green stools having odor of rotten cheese.
Worse Strain, motion, raising arm, putting hands behind,
descending, cold wind on occiput or neck, Jarring.
Better Open air, warmth, vomiting.
Mind:obstinate, touchy children, constant desire to look
behind, upsets with least word, Crossness quickly
alternating with playfulness in children.
DREAD of downward motion, fear of dark, aversion
to touch, restless desire to go from place to place.
Instability of purpose.
Beatriz H. Hill, Medicina Homeopática Behhil

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