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For the tubercular diathesis, extremely sensitive skin and mucous membranes. Extremely sensitive to open air. hoarseness, worse evenings, after exposure to cold, voice uncertain. Dry, incessant, fatiguing cough, worse from changing air or room, evening after laying down, touching or pressing the throat pit, lying on left side, from slightest inhalation of cold air, covers head with bedclothes to make air warmer, little or no expectoration.

The cough is worse in cool air or by anything which increases the volume or rapidity of inspired air. Sensation of lump in throat, descends on swallowing, but returns immediately. Raw sensation in larynx and trachea when coughing. Urine, involuntary with cough, Early morning diarrhea, from 5 to 10 am. stools painless, profuse, offensive sudden urging, driving out of bed in morning.

Skin itching of various parts,worse by cold, better by warmth when undressing, uncovering or exposing to cold air.

Indicated in early stages of phthisis. Sharp stitching or stinging pains through the left lung, when the patient turns, the left side feels sore.

Cough from inspiring cold air, with stitching pain through the left lung just below left nipple. Itching when undressing to go to bed.

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