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Snow rose.Allen H.C. Keynotes and Characteristics M.M.
Nervous persons who dread a storm and are particularly
afraid of thunder. worse before the storm, especially an
electrical storm
Toothache, every spring and fall during sharp east winds
worse from change of weather, thunderstorm, WINDY
weather. Acute inflammatory swelling of joints, wandering
from one joint to another, severe at night worse in rest
and during rough stormy weather. (kalmia also)
Rheumatic drawing, tearing pains in all limbs, worse at
rest and in wet, cold, windy weather.
Gout with fibrous deposit in great toe-point, rheumatic,
often mistaken for bunion.
Induration and swelling of the testicle after gonorrhea or
rheumatic exposure; orchitis, sensation in gland as if it
were being crushed.
Relations with Bry., Con., Cal.c, Led., Lyc., Sep., Rhus.,
Aggravation stormy, windy weather, electrical changes
in the atmosphere, approach of thunderstorm, and
symptoms reappear with rough weather. night
Amelioration: Better from wrapping the head warmly:
dry heat and exercise.

Boger C.M. A Synoptic Key of the Materia Medica
Region Fibrous tissues, forearm, lower legs, small joints.
Bones, Genital nerves vascular system,
better in sun, motion, wrapping head.

Chauhan R.K. Expressive Drug Pictures of Materia Medica
for Gouty patient who experiences itching sensation in
trachea and coughs quite often which is aggravated during
morning and evening. While coughing he feels suffocating
pressure in his chest. While walking he also feels pain in his
chest and left armpit.
the patient cannot concentrate his mind properly on any
point and during the course of conversation all of a sudden
deviates from the subject matter. He also forgets what he
was talking about.
when the patient continues looking in one direction or
reads for a long time, he experiences dryness and
burning sensation in eyes.
Constriction of right or left nostril or vice-versa > fresh air.
Drawing pain in spermatic cord, stiffness of testicles and
pain up to thighs is felt.
bruised is experienced on the back of waist but on moving
the limbs or by waling relief is experienced. < bending down
Violent pain in ears, particularly in morning is experienced,
and this pain remains static throughout the whole day.
Sometimes the pain is limited to only right ear. Ringing,
or buzzing sound in the ears is quite common in the
Beatriz H Hill, Medicina Homeopatica Behhill
Beatriz H Hill,

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