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A Quick Cure of Inflammatory Rheumatism.

April 23rd was called to see a young man with inflammatory rheumatism; temperature 103°; tongue coated yellow; left wrist, right elbow, left knee, and right ankle swollen and painful; could not move. He had been the same way the year before, and when I went in he said:

“I suppose this means six or eight weeks again.” I called for two glasses, each half full of water. Into one I put Ferrum phos.3x, a teaspoonful, and ordered a teaspoonful of the solution every hour. Into the other I put the same quantities of Kali sulph. , and gave a teaspoonful every two hours.

The next morning I was surprised to hear he was very much better, and on the fourth day he came in and paid his bill.

(I,. K. Cook, M. D.)