RHEUM PALMATUM, Rheum officinale,

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Turkey Rhubarb, Rhabarbarum, NO.Polygonaceae
Rhubarb” Spikes of pink or white flowers with large palmate leaves, purple tinted on both sides. Generalities,
Sour smell of the whole body, child smells sour even
after washing or Bathing. Affects the liver, duodenum, bile ducts and intestines. Child is sour, impatient and colicky.
– Leading symptom that pervades the whole system
– Sour temper
– Sour discharges
– Sour stools
– Sour taste
– ChildrenÔÇÖs nappies sour
– Milk sour
They desire many things and cries, dislikes even
favorite playthings. They do not like to eat the favorite
food, loathing after first bite. They suffer from colic which
causes severe crying. the stool is characterized by poppy,
sour, brown green, fermented, slimy or acrid stool,
The child is restless, irritable, peevish with pale face.
he sweats profusely and constantly on head, his hair and
scalp are always wet. cries and tosses about all night.
The mouth is covered by offensive mucous after sleeping
and after sleeping there is bad taste and offensive breath.
This remedy requires very little sleep and food.
Agg. dentition, unripe fruit (plums, prunes), summer,
uncovering. Amel: warm, warm wraps, strange positions.
Use it in diarrhea during dentition, the child vomits curdled
milk owing to excessive sourness of the stomach.
Colicky pain about navel, Colic when uncovering, Wind
seems to rise up to chest, screaming, better doubling up,
then diarrhea, stiffness in sacrum and hips, cannot walk
straight, cutting pain in lumbar region worse after stool.
Lippe A. Von, Keynotes.
all joints are painful when moving, bubbling sensation,
as from small bubbles in the muscle and joints.
the limbs on which one lies go to sleep.
debility and heaviness in the whole body as if he was
awakened from a heavy sleep.
Especially suitable for children, during lactation and
dentition. Cool perspiration around mouth and chin.
nightly sleeplessness with loping about and crying.
stools are sour and there is tenesmus. Antidote, camph, canth, cham, coloc,mag-c merc, nux-v, puls, compatible with ipecacuana. complementary Belladona, mag-c, Merc, nux-v, puls, rhus-t
Beatriz Hernandez Hill, Beatriz H Hill

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