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( juniperus sabina, Enebro,)( Coniferus cousin of thuja)
Tincture made of the fresh stems
Remedy for chronic ailments of women, arthritic pains, ailments following
abortion or premature labor, tendency to miscarriages, especially at third
month. METRITIS,
Haemorrhage from the urteus flow partly pale red, partly cloted
laying down. Metrorrhagia with drawing and pressing
pain in the small of the back toward sexual organs and thigs (key)
sensation of heaviness and fullness of increased warmth ant throbbing
in the pelvis. soft pulse, or double beat palpitations of the heart with
swealing and sensitivess of the brest during haemorrhage.
Metrorrhage during climateric, in women who formerly aborted, with
early first menses. Promotes expulsion of moles or foreing bodies
from uterus. Fig warts with intorable itching and burning.
Discharge of blood between periods with sexual excitement.
Music intolerable, produces nervousness. Retained placenta from
atony of uterus, intense after – pains. (Allen HC, Keynotes)
a complementary remedy to Thuja. follows it in condyloma
and sycotic affections.
by Beatrizhh for ILove Homeopathy. 27-10-10

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