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Poison Ivy, Poison Vine, Poison oak.
Hahnemann in his M. M. Pura writes: the action of big doses of Rhus will
las 6 weeks, than the small dose, and because of this long term action the
agravation of the remedy is long, so we wont see the relief but after 24
hours after taking the remedy. and the worse symptoms and suffering
will be caused when the body or the extremity is lying and without
By the name “Rhus” Hahnemann published his proving or Rhus Radicans,
also called Rhus toxicodendron, accidentendally dicovered by Dufresnoy
de Valenciennes in 1798 that discovered a cured of one of his patients that
suffered from an herpetic eruption for 6 years and accidentally was poisoned
with this plant curing the rash and eruption, Rhus is more poisonous during
night, as patient feels worse at night, during June, July or when the sun
shines over the plant. the plant is less poisonous during the absence of sun
light and dampness.
Rhus tox for dermatitis, inflamation and itching, has a sensitivity that makes
hims very irritable. Over exerting over weightlifting or anything can cause
stagnation within the body such as cold water, or ice will aggravate. Ice, for
its hard, cold quality and the wetness of frozen water.
Their inner tightness they feel is seen throughout the three levels, mental,
emotional and physical and unable to release it.
Anxiety with restlessness, unable to relax, needs constantlly to strech, with
an urge to move to loosen up to keep from becoming the image of ice cold
and hard. Superstitious, delusions that something bad is going to happen.,
and a delusion that will be murdered.
Over exercise or exerting will make then joyful, but when twilight comes their
symptoms arise and the tensing up starts > by drinking hot tea, cold at touch
limbs feeling constrictive > by changing position and stretching, as the lactic
ácid builds up and causes restlessness that spurs him on. Its pains include
numbness and prickling. Better by soft massage, confused and forgetful
as the body has slowed down and become congested, the mind degenerates.
Red face, dry lips, swollen glands, muscle cramps, joint pains pressing shooting
and sore, chicken pox, back pains, bursitits, carpal tunnel, rheumatism
dry mouth although very violent thirst, difficult swallowing, oral ulcers.
Itchi red rash that forms blisters, fever, loss of appetite, nausea, headache.
Tongue tip triangular and red or nose point red

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