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Tincture made of the leaves. Solution or trituration from the
alcaloide, cocaine. From the Erithroxilaceas and native of western
South America.
The divine plant of the Incas, but the spanish denounced it as ”
“una delusi├â┬│n del demonio” “an evil delusion”
The Mountaneer’s remedy, useful in a variety of complaints incidental
to mountain climbing, such as palpitations, dyspnoea, anxiety and
insomnia. Exhausted nervous system from physical and mental strain.
Caries of teeth, loss of voice (give 5-6 drops every half hour, two
hours before expected demand on voice).
Nocturnal eneuresis, emphysema.
MInd: Melancholy, bashful, ill at ease in society, irritable, delights in
solitude and obscurity. Sense of right and wrong abolished.
Fainting from climing mountains, flying, changing altitudes or
ailments after coming down from a mountain. longing for alcoholic
liquors and tobacco.
Headchaes of high altitudes, headache with vertigo, preceded by
flashes of light. Short breath, especially in aged athletes.
Haemoptysis, asthma, spasmodic variety.
>wine, riding, quick motion in open air.
Worse ascending high altitude.
BeatrizHH 16-1-11

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