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Solanum dulcamara, woody nightshare,Solanum dulcamara. Woody Nightshade. Bitter-sweet. N. O. Solanace├â┬ª. (Not to be confounded with “Deadly Nightshade,” Belladonna, nor with “Climbing Bitter-sweet,” Celastrus.)
It is a markedly Autumal remedy, very well through summer
but as soon as the sun’s rays heat during the day and the
night becomes drafty cold, rainy, humid, the problem
of rheumatism and catarrhal discharges return.
For BABIES who live in the mountain who get diarrhea or
catarrh as soon the wheather changes from hot to cold.
In the old times mothers used an ointment of Dulcamara
for ulcers, externally soothes the skin of ulcers to smarting
Internally as a constitutional will produce ulcers and a
tendency to ulceration of mucous membranes and become
fagedemic, sometimes starting as an herpetic condition
spreading and then appearing yellow pus, granulation does
not come and an eating condition appears and the surface
will not heal < shin bone extending to periostium producing necrosis and caries. Catarrhal and rheumatic headache in cold damp wheather with sneezing with copious thick yellow coriza and flow from nose. Dulcamara has a dry catarrh in it s fir stage and a fluid catarrh in its second stage. Bright's disease following scarlet fever, bladder catarrh lung paralisis, tongue paralisis and affections all < by cold damp wheather or entering a cold place, like people who work in Icream parlors, Ice handlers, and cold storage men, who also get diarrhea for working in hot wheather entering cold places. Mentally is ipatient and restless, has an inclination to scold without being angry, controling parents, women are demanding and bossy, combative disposition without anger, nocturnal delirium with aggravation of pains Paralysis of vocal cords from sleeping in damp wheather. Beatriz H Hill

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