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Medow saffron.
Has bad temper, insatisfied with every thing, light, bad
expressions, or smells distracts him.
Affects markedly the muscular tissues, periostium and synovial
membranes of joints, has specific power of relieving the gouty
paroxysms. It seems to be more beneficial in chronic affections
of these parts, the parts are red, hot, swollen, tearing pains,
worse in the evening and at night and from touch, stabbing
the toes hurst exceedingly.
There is always great postration, internal coldness, and tendency
to collapse. Effects of night watching and hard study.
Shocks as from electricity through one half of the body.
Bad effects from suppressed sweat.
Dreams of mice.
Autumnal dysentery, stool sticky, contains while shreddy particles
in large quantities. Smell of food causes nausea even to fainting
great coldness in stomach, craving for various things but averse
to them when smelling them, seized with nausea.
Thirst for effervecent, alcoholic beverages. Pain in transverse colon.
Pericarditis with severe pain.
Inflamation of great toe, gout in heel, cannot bear to have it
touched or moved.
Worse sundown to sunrise, motion, loss of sleep, smell of food in
invening. Better stooping.

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