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water hemlock, cicuta acquatica, cow-bane, poisonous cicuta.
A very toxic plant, poisonous, often mortal affecting
respiratory system and ventricular fibrillations with
vomiting, and violent convulsions.
Characterized by excessively violent convulsions, the patient
is thrown into odd shapes and violent contortions. The most
invariable is bending of the head, neck and spine backawards.
(opisthostonos.) For cerebro-spinal-meningitis. Dr. Baker of
Moravian, N.Y. cured 60 cases during an epidemic of this terrible
good for convulsions during dentition or worms if cina does not help.
Hahnemann wrote, good remedy for concussion of the brain and spine
for all sorts of convulsions, tonic, clonic, epileptic, cataleptic, puerperal
if of a very violent character.
Good for skin pustules forming thick yelow scabs on face, head
and other parts of the body.
Stupid in the head < in the morning with rigor and at same time felt neck stiff. objects move from one side to the other. Vomiting without relaxation of the lock jaw. Burning pressure in the stomach like a fist. Wants to come near warm stove Kent: Frequent waking up out of sleep in which he perspired all over but from which he felt strenghthened. Violently affected by sad stories.With childish like attitude, 7-8 years old, objects were very dear and attractive as toys are to a child. Want to trust people on anthrophoby, he fears from them. Remains solitary and thought seriously about their error and about himself. Beatrizhh 21-2-11

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