REMEDY OF THE DAY CASSIA SOPHERA - Senna sophera, Kasaunda

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REMEDY OF THE DAY CASSIA SOPHERA – Senna sophera, Kasaunda
Council for research of Homoeopathy, New Delhi
Tinture made of Root-bark Used in homeopahy for ashthma, allergies, rhinitis, etc.
Provings made 1972-1976.
MIND: Absent minded, thinks that bad days are approaching without any reason with restlessness, fear of lossing way to home, afraid to go to sleeep les his heart stop. /sad, depressed, dullnes of mind, forgetful, concentration difficult while studying. weeps, desire to walk in open air, to lie down quitely, to go home
Cassia may prove to be of great therapeutic use in Meni├â┬®re disease, impaired appetitie, rhinitis and sinusitis, gom buils, trachitis, influenza, malaria, urticaria , Dermatitis, etc. etc.
Your experience please, a remedy 100% from India.

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