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Proving made from the feather of the bird, by Dr.Jonathan Shore.
The main caracteristic of this beautiful bird is a split feeling, and a search of the inner self throughtout a spiritual life…spiritual work, being herself.
between what se learn to be within society and to be the real inner self, her essense
they look inside for their inner experience as a wise voice they are afraid to show so they ask themselves
if they are doing it the right way. They are very happy,
extravagant, work with much responsability for the family till the end,
changes places, jobs trying to achieve that search of being herself, usually they work as healers, they have craving for sweets, eating disorders flutters, knee pains, dreams. They feel as in prison, like a patient told me
I dream being in a room sitting in a chair inside a closed room, and tied up to the chair with strings, but as the strings broke, through my spiritual
search and I could get up off the chair, I discovered I could be my self, but then, I could not find the door, but as I figured I could be only my self and feel free to be, I found the door but as I stepped out, I could see such a huge jungle that I didnot know where to go….So the bird struggles in the jungle of life for her freedom of
being herself and loose the fear. It is important to her, her family, and they also manifest a strage calm inside when they find out that they are not responsible for no one any more and my patient said I don’t feel that pressure of being responsible for my husband, Loving and creating passion is very important to them. because they hide their real self, and when they find some partner that inspires passion to them they go passionately wild. the real world makes them sad.
They dream flying, being a bird, drawing them selves as birds, like nature, music, air sports, communicative, laugh, and live the present. The ara macaw woman when is pregned feels is the perfect state to be in a woman and they feel very happy
Mind delusions -double existence having a double
Mind delusions floating-air in. Mind-tranquillity, calmness/serenity,
Mind awareness heightened MInd-love-people in the group.
Mind freedom doing what he had to do remarkable freedom
Mind dreams as if in a dream……
threre are 93 rubrics in the repertory…..40 in the mind section
Picture from my friend Gregory Ruiz/Venezuela..
Beatriz H Hill

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