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Tincture made of the soft resin of the seed
A MIND remedy NEURASTENIC, with nervous dispepsia, bettered by eating.
Weak memory, depression, senses dismissed (smell, vision, audition.)
Fear of exams, aversion to work, sensesless acute lessening
sight, hearing, smell and taste. Numbess and pressure of head when writing.
A silight offence makes him excessively angry. A syphilitic, destructive mode of
operating he/she will develop codependat or sadomasochistic relationships.
they can belong to grup of gangs, they a cowards in the inside and need the
group or couple to help them out. They crack their own joints, so will developt
artritis,They feel ad dead inside Emotionally dead. They become hard, cruel and
unfeeling as a result of being abused. The only way they can be stimulated
into feelings again is by amaking others suffer and feel pain.
Have fear of authority, they challenge others. Kent’s repertory says
Devil speaking in one ear, angel in the other prompting to murder or acts
of benevolence. they are school bullies, love to kill animals, torture or burn
them. If you have an anacardium patient probably his mate will be one too.
BeatrizHH for IloveHomeopathy 21-11-10

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