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Burnet J.C, Diseases of the Veins writes use it
in itching, smarting and stinging at the anus, increased
secretion of urine, much more than the fluid drunk.
Worse in the evening, also when lying in a warm place

and on awakening. Better from slow motion in the
open air and when lying or pressing upon the painful part.
Presence of cholesterine in the faeces
Burt W.H., Characteristic Materia Medica writes.
This is a cerebro spinal remedy, and has a special and
peculiar action upon that part of the animal system that
presides over the generative organs, producing a state of
the motor and sensitive nervous systems similar to
hysteria, a great remedy for hervous hysterical females,
subject to nightly leucorrhea, discharge of thick bluish-white
mucus from the vagina, only at night
with inflamation of the genital organs, with itching and
Burt W.H. Physiological Materia Medica writes:
Ambra g. antidotes Camph, Nux vom. and PUls.
Allen H.C. Keynotes and Characteristics writes
for children especially young girls who are excitable,
nervous and weak, nervous affections of old people,
lean thin, emaciated persons who take cold easily.
after business embarrassment unable to sleep.
the presence of others, even the nurse, is umbearable
during stool.
Relations, similar to act. Asaf. Coca, Ign. Mosch. Phos. Val.
Agg. Warm drinks, warm room, music, lying down
reading or talking aloud, the presence of many people,
after walking.
amelioration. after eating. cold air, cold food, and
drinks rising from bed
for ILH by Beatriz Hernández Hill

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