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Known as sarpagandha in sanskrit, chhota-chand in Hindi, pagla-ka-dawa in
Bihar, is a small shrub, with smooth leaves, pink or white blooms.
Mahatma Gandhi took it throughout his live as a tranquilizer.
Used by Alenxander the Great to cure his General Ptolemi of a poisoned arrow
Named after Dr. Leonhard Rauwof of Augusbur. is an Indian medicine used in
favous of all men ills. used for epilepsy, insanity, insomnia, dysentery, diarrhea,
cholera, headache, blindness, a wide variety of fevers, and as an antidote for
insect bites, snakes, and introduced by Dr. W. Templeton to homeopathy
Use it to treat neuropsychiatric disorders like schizophrenia
(Banerjee P. Materia Medica Indian Drugs.)
High blood pressure, irritative condition of central nervous system, insanity
violent maniacal symptoms. fever during puerperium. In high blood pressure
without marked atheromatous changes in the vessels. It is also acts as a
sedative. (Potency, mother tincture) Banejea SK. 50 Homeopathic Indian Drugs.
By BeatirzHH for ILoveHomeopathy 31-10-10

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