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Boger C.M. a Synoptic Key of the Materia Medica,
This medicine is notable for its over-sensitiveness of
the nerves, spinal area, muscles and mind.
the patient has urge for alcoholic drinks. Always and thinking, gets sleep only after worry is over, otherwise no sleep. If respiration is rapid there is pain in lungs like pin-prick. Upper eyelid swollen, the patient cannot read or write for a long time. Pain in the eyes and dryness. cutting pain in stomach, before stools, loss of appetite, eructations, tasteless, nausea, feels like vomiting at the sight of eatables.
paralysis twisting pain in back and neck, aggravation on movement and walking, amelioration on lying down and resting. Hacking cough like the barking of a dog. At times the patient feels that he has become light and unable to bear bright light or sun light or strong breeze. Amelioration on having cold wash, or washing with cold water affected parts or in cold water.
Also, this people have a history of parents domination and feel as if something evil will harm them.
The very thought of nose seems to send through him a thrill of the most disagreeable kind that arrest all his actions and thoughts. It can be compared with Borax, Nux moschata, Coffea, Belladonna and Opium.
it is a chilly patient that we have to deal with, not relieved by warmth or covering. suffers from coldness of hands and feet, knees and abdomen even during the hottest part of the weather, excessively timid and nervous.
He imagines himself too light and seems to hover in the air like a spirit as in Lac caninum and Valeriana.
Hahnemann, wrote Mental condition as if just falling asleep, a gradual vanishing of the thoughts,
Beatriz Hernandez Hill  Beatriz H Hill


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