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Chick Pea
There are three types of tinctures, from the dries peas, flowers and
from the green stem.
This agent produces symptoms that simulate paraplegia, which is worse
during damp and wet weather. The leg becomes stiff, the gait is unsteady,
and there is aching of the parts without severe pain. These symptoms
have been attributed to a transverse myelitis with degeneration of the cord
as sclerosis of the pyrmidad tract.

This remedy should be studied in cases of spastic paraplegia,
in chronic myelitis with marked spastic symptoms, in cases where there is an
excessive knee-jerk with rigidity of the parts, also in cases of spina, anaemic,
and in multiple sclerosis.

The cardinal indications for this remedy are the
sudden loss of power in the lower extremities, with rigidity of the legs,
spastic gait, which is often tremulous.

Blackwood, AL A Manual of Materia Medica Therapeutics and Pharmacology
by BeatrizHH for ILovehomeopathy. 19-10-10

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