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NARCISSUS POETICUS: White or yellow are quite commonly cultivated
in gardens, the yellow has been more used in domestic medicine.
Preparation, Tincture of the Bulbs
a man and his wife ate a salad of Narcissus and onion bulbs and they had…
Nausea, constant tormina, and burning pain in the stomach
(after a quarter of an hour)
repeated vomiting> after warm water, and also by the copious
waterly alvine evacuations which followed, attended by
dreadful griping and cutting pain in the bowels.
Symptoms of gastro-enteritis
Small and tremulous pulse fo the whole night
Trembling of the limbs (after a quarter of an hour)
Fainting(after a quarter of an hour)
Coldness of the extremities
Beatrizhh 11-12-10

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