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Aconitum : Bleeding piles, with stitches and pressure in the
anus, feeling of repletion in the abdomen, with tension, pressure
and colicky pains ; pains in the small of the back, as if the back
or the os-sacrum were broken.

Antimonium: Copious secretion of a light-yellow mucus, with
burning, creeping, itching or even smarting at the anus. (Is fre-
quently suitable in alternation with Puis.)

Arsenicum : Burning discharge of blood, with burning and
stitching pains in the tumors ; heat and restlessness, burning in
all the veins, or great debility. (Is frequently suitable in altenia
tion with Carb-v.)

Belladonna : Bleeding piles, with violent pains in the small
of the back, as ,if the back would break. (If Bell, should not be
sufficient, give Hep.)

Calcarea : After Sulph., if this should be insufficient or if it
should have been abused-; for frequent bleeding of the piles, or
for suppression of habitual bleeding.

Capsicum : The tumors are very large, with discharge of blood
or bloody mucus from the rectum, burning pains at the anus ;
painful drawing in the small of the back and back ; colic.

Carbo veg. : Large bluish tumors, with stitching pains in the
small of the back, stiffness of the back, burning and tearing in
the limbs ; constipation, with burning stools and discharge ot
blood; frequent tendency of the blood to the head, bleeding of the
nose, flatulence, slow action of the bowels, &c, also for copious
and burning: discharge of mucus from the rectum.

Chamomilla : Flowing piles, with compressive pains in the ab-
domen, frequent urging to stool, occasional burning and corrosive
diarrhceic stools ; tearing pains in the small of the back, especi-
all)” at night ; or painful and ulcerated rhagades of the anus.

Ignatia : Violent stitches in the rectum, itching and creeping
at the anus, copious discharge of blood, prolapsus recti during
stool, or sore, contractive pain of the rectum, with frequent, in
effectual stools and discharges of blood-streaked mucus.

Muriatic ac. : The haemorrhoidal tumors are inflamed, swol-
len, bluish, with swelliug of the anus, sore pains, violent stitches
and great sensitiveness to contact.



Nux vomica : Blind and flowing, or irregular piles, especially
suitable to persons who lead a sedentary life or use too much cof-
fee or spirits; also suitable to pregnant females or persons affected
with worms, &c. ; generally for: stitching, burning or itching of
the anus; stitches and shocks in the small of the back, with
bruised pain so that the patient is unable to raise himself; fre-
quent constipation with ineffectual urging to stool, and with
sensation as if the anus were closed or constricted ; frequent ten-
dency of the blood to the head or abdomen, with distention of the
epigastrium and hypochondria ; heaviness of the head, inability
to think, vertigo ; ischuria, suppression of urine; discharge of
blood and mucus from the anus.

Sulphur : If Nux should be insufficient, especially for alter-
nate constipation and discharges of blood-streaked mucus ; feel-
ing of soreness at the anus, with itching and stitches ; frequent
tendency of the blood to the head ; palpitation of the heart ; the
vascular system is easily excited, throbbing in the whole abdomen,
with anguish and oppression, after the least emotion ; weak di-
gestion ; dysuria ; bleeding, burning and frequent protrusion of
the hemorrhoidal tumors. (Sulph. is best given in alternation
with Nux-v. ; these two remedies in alternation are sufficient in
most cases to effect a cure.)

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