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This remedy is useful where there is a real synochal fever ; hard rapid pulse, hot, dry skin, intense thirst ; sharp shooting
pains in the whole abdomen which is very tender to the touch.


In cases where the inflammation has been caused by a bruise or a concussion.


Burning, throbbing, lancinating pains; burning like fire. Great restlessness, and anguish, with fear of death. She is sure she will die. Thirst for frequent sips of water, only a little at
a time. Cold water aggravates her symptoms. She wants more covering over her, — wants to be wrapped up.


The pains are sudden, — coming on quickly and ceasing as quickly after continuing a longer or shorter time. Or there are clutching pains, as if the hand were clawing with the nails. Pressure, as if all the parts would issue out through the vulva. Throbbing headache with heat, red face and eyes ; throbbing of the carotids. Involuntary flow of urine. Furious delirium. The menstrual or lochial discharges suppressed or very offensive. The parts
are very sensitive ; she cannot bear the least touch, or a part of the bed even.


The least motion aggravates her sufferings. Her head aches as if it would split open. Sitting up (as if in bed) causes nausea and fainting. Lips parched and dry ; mouth dry, and very thirsty. Constipation, the stools being hard and dry, as if burnt.

Calcarea carbonica

This remedy will often be found indicated in persons of leucophlegmatic constitution. The feet feel cold and damp. The head and upper part of the body are in a profuse perspiration ; constant aching in the vagina. Thirst for cold water ; worse at night.
Pulse tremulous, or full and accelerated. Stitches in the neck of the uterus. The history of her case shows that her menses have been too profuse and return too often or too soon.


Frequent and almost continual desire to urinate, ineffectual, or with cutting burning pain, and passing a few drops only at a time, which are often mixed with blood. Burning in the uterine region. But the urinary symptoms are of the greatest importance
in determining upon the selection of this remedy.

Carbo animalis

In cases of metritis not very active or acute. Inefficient urging to urinate, with painful pressure in the loins, groins and thighs. Great sense of soreness in the pit of the stomach. General sense of lassitude. Leucorrhcea coloring the linen yellow.

Carbo vegetabilis

Much soreness about the vulva, with aphthae. Aching or pinching in the iliac regions. Languor, weariness and physical depression toward noon, with faintness and hunger. Flatulence, momentary relief from eructations, or downward emissions. She
wants to be fanned.


In cases of inflammation, which come on in connection with a fit of passion, Heat all over, with thirst and redness of the face; one side of the face red, the other being pale. Great
impatience ; she can hardly restrain herself to patience and to treat people with civility. Urine abundant and light-colored.


The inflammation has supervened upon great loss of blood. She suffers from distention and oppression of the abdomen, which is not relieved by eructations. Much ringing in the ears. The sufferings are increased by the least touch. Painless diarrhoea.


Much paralytic pain in the back and paralysis of the lower extremities. Sensation as of sharp stones in the abdomen on motion. Head and face hot; feet cold. Pulse hard and small. Metallic taste in the mouth. Intense thirst or aversion to drink. Shivering over the breasts.


In cases where the inflammation is induced by excessive joy ; she is in a state of ecstacy, and is very sensitive to contact.


Inflammation which comes on in consequence of violent indignation. Severe colicky pains, causing her to bend double, with great restlessness. Cutting, as from knives in the bowels, with great distress, distension of the abdomen, diarrhoea, which is aggravated by everything which is eaten or drank. Feeling in the whole abdomen, as if the intestines were being squeezed between stones. Full, quick, pulse ; great thirst ; bitter taste in the mouth.


Burning, sore, aching sensation in the region of the uterus. The urine intermits in its flow. Much vertigo, particularly on turning over while lying down. She usually has a bitter taste in her mouth and thirst. The pulse is unequal. Some pulsations are smaller than others. The pulse is also irregular ; sometimes it beats slower, sometimes faster.


Stitches in the vagina, proceeding from the abdomen, causing her to start at every pain. Putrid, acrid, corrosive leucorrhcea. A low form of fever. Putrid fever.

Crocus sativus

Black, stringy, discharge from the uterus; rolling and bounding in the abdomen, as from a foetus. Stitches in the abdomen arresting the respiration.


Fiery, red face. The bowels feel sore, on touching them, as if they had been bruised, or weakened by cathartics. Leucorrhoea resembling watery milk.


Particularly when the ovaries are affected. Eruptions, tetters and excoriations on various parts of the body. A tendency to obesity.

Hepar sulphuris calc

Particularly where there is evidence of a tendency to suppuration. Burning, throbbing pain, — chilliness.


Especially if the inflammation be developed by emotional disturbances. If there appear spasmodic symptoms, — jerks of the extremities, face and eyelids, etc. In cases which fall into the typhoid state with delirium, — the patient throws off the bedclothes — she wishes to be naked.


Cramps with lancinations ; the pains are aggravated or renewed particularly on touching the parts. The female is apparently full of suppressed grief. There is sorrow and sighing. An empty feeling at the pit of the stomach.


The patient suffers with a continual nausea; every movement is attended with a cutting pain almost as constant, running from left to right. Pain about the umbilicus, extending towards the uterus. A continual discharge of bright-red blood from the uterus.
Eapid pulse, with or without thirst.


Acute pain in the mammas, developed by the inflammation of the uterus ; the mammas also become very sore. There is a low cachectic state of the system, with feeble pulse.

Kali carbonica

Intense thirst, morning, noon and night, continually, and very rapid pulse. Distressing cutting, shooting, darting and stitching pain all over the abdomen, — the stitching pains being in the ascendancy ; the more completely the stitching pains seem to predominate, the more certainly will Kali carb. be the appropriate remedy.


She cannot bear any pressure, not even of the clothes, upon the uterine region. She wishes frequently to lift them, not that the abdomen is so very tender, but that the clothes cause an uneasiness. A sensation as if the pains were ascending toward the
chest. This remedy is especially indicated in cases where the inflammation is an attendant symptom of the critical age. The pain in the uterine region increases till relieved by a flow of blood from the vagina; not long afterwards the same symptoms are repeated. Exacerbation of the sufferings after every sleep, — whether by day or at night.


Cutting pains across the abdomen from right to left. Much rumbling and working in the abdomen, particularly in the left hypochondrium. Eed sand in the urine. Much pain in the back previous to the flow of urine. Dryness in the vagina. Discharge of wind from the vagina.

Magnesia muriatica

Hysterical complaints and spasmodic turns. Uterine spasms extending to the thighs. Constipation of large, difficult stools, which crumble as they pass the verge of the anus.


Lancinating, boring, or pressing pains. Much perspiration, which however affords no relief. Moist tongue often accompanied with intense thirst. She is worse throughout the night.

Nux vomica

This remedy is very frequently indicated. Pain, as if bruised in the neck of the uterus ; frequent desire to urinate with pain. Scalding and burning. Frequent and ineffectual desire to defecate ; or passing a small quantity of feces at each attempt. Much pain in the small of the back, which is made worse by attempting to turn in bed. Heaviness and burning in the abdomen. Much pain in the forehead above the eyes and fainting spells. The symptoms are aggravated after four in the morning. She is despondent ; sleep-
less ; or dreams frightful dreams.


In cases originating in fright; the fear of the fright still remaining. Flushed face ; delirium ; soporous. In her lucid intervals she complains of the sheets being too hot for her. She is sleepy but cannot sleep. Coldness of the extremities. Discharge of fetid matter
from the uterus.

Phosp. acid

In some cases of great debility, with great indifference to all about her. Meteoristic distention of the uterus. Slow fever.


Particularly after confinement, if there be excessive sexual excitement. Painful pressure in the region of the mons veneris and genital organs. Voluptuous tingling in the vulva and abdomen. Profuse discharge of thick black blood. Constipation; the stools adhering to the anus and rectum.


In mild yielding, tearful temperaments. Tension and contraction in the abdomen as if the menses would make their appearance, with nausea and sometimes vomiting of mucus. Semi-lateral headache ; bad taste in the mouth ; nothing tastes good. Absence of
thirst. Nightly diarrhoea and scanty urination.

Rhus tox

Particularly after confinement. Worse at night, especially after midnight. Restlessness, she cannot lie still, but must change her position which affords a few moments’ relief. Slow
fever ; dry tongue. Powerlessness of the lower limbs, she can hardly draw them up. Pains worse at night ; and especially after midnight.


Especially after confinement or miscarriage. Metrorrhagia
of clotted and fluid blood, with pain extending from the sacrum or
lumbar region to the pubis. Severe stitching in the vagina from
before backwards. Frequent urging to stool ; finally a liquid portion
is discharged, followed by a hard portion.

Secale cor

Where there is a strong tendency to putrescence. The inflammation seems to be caused by suppression of the lochia or menses. Discharge of thin black blood, a kind of sanies, with tingling in the legs and great debility.


Burning, shooting and stitching pains in the neck of the uterus. A constant sense of pressing into the vagina ; she feels that she must cross her limbs to prevent a protrusion. A painful stiffness in the uterine region. Sense of weight in the anus. Putrid urine, depositing a clay-like sediment which is difficult to remove. Icy coldness of the feet. A great sense of emptiness in the pit of the stomach.


The face is bloated with blood. She awakens with a shrinking look as if afraid of the first object she sees. She desires light and company. She is disposed to talk continually. Strange fancies; she imagines all sorts of absurd things. That the bed is full of creases ; or that she is double, and lying crosswise.


The vulva seems much inclined to become excoriated early in the attack. Frequent flushes of heat passing off in a little moisture and faintness. Feet cold ; or with burning soles, so that she wishes to find a cold place for them, or to put them out of bed. Sense of heat in the crown of the head. She feels suffocated ; she wants the doors and windows open. Very light sleep; she awakens very frequently. Weak fainty spells occurring frequently during
the day. After having improved under other remedies, she gets worse again until she receives a dose of Sulphur. She feels unusually faint with strong craving for nourishment from eleven o’clock till twelve at noon.

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