Red Line Symptoms of Coffea Cruda

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Great mental activity, full of ideas, quick to act, no sleep on this account.

Pains seem insupportable, driving to despair.

All senses more acute, read fine print easier, bearing, smell, taste, and touch acute, particularly increased perception of slight passive motions.

One-sided headache as from a nail driven into the parietal bone, worse in the open air.

Ice, or ice-cold water is the only thing lessening his violent toothache, so long as touching it.

Would like to scratch or rub the part, but it is too sensitive.

In nervous persons, chill worse on movement, external dry beat, internal chilliness.

Sleepless from excessive mental and physical excitement.

Measly spots on the skin, with dry heat, over excitability and. weeping.

Affections after sudden emotions, particularly sudden pleasurable surprises.

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