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Sarpagandha in Sanskrit
Chota Chand in Hindi
Pagal ki Dawai in U.P.
Patala gandhi in Telugu
It is named Rauwolfia in honor of German Botanist and Physician Dr Leonhard Rauwof while the serpentina refers to it tapering snake like roots.
‬: It is found throughout in India and used by ayurvedic system for Epilepsy, Inanity, insomnia, dysentery, diarrhoea, cholera, headache, blindness, a wide variety of fevers and as an antidote for Insect and snake bites .
‬: In 1940, it was first mentioned in literature for its value in human cases of hypertension.
After this many studies done on this concluded Rauwolfia or its pure alkaloid Reserpine valuable in treatment of hypertension..
‬: Reserpine has a calming, sedative effect and is an effective antidepressant as reported by Davies and Shepherd in a randomised placebo controlled trial.
‬: It is also found in sports supplements due to its Yohimbine content. Yohimbine can both lower and increase systemic blood pressure depending upon dose.
It is also marketed as weight loss supplement, though scientific research on its efficacy is limited ..
‬: The homoeopathic proving was conducted by lesser and Schrenk at Robert Bosch Hospital in Stuttgart in 1954.
‬: 24 doctors participated as provers using 1x and 3x potencies for a period of 28 days.
‬: W Lee Templeton also conducted a proving at Faculty of Hom in London in 1954-55 on six provers using 3x, 6x, 12c, 30c for a period of 6 months .
‬: Finally Julian O.A  undertook detailed clinical studies to determine the range of action of Rauwolfia in hom potency.
 Rauwolfia has lack of tone in nerves and circulatory system. Rapid wide spread trembling. Congestive vascular conditions. Libido disorders. Dripping after urunation. Insomnia after midnight.
Chronic allergic conditions progressing to Cancer. Pallor alternating with redness and hot flushes of heat.
Heaviness legs
 General stiffness. Chronic allergic and neurotic conditions with development of arthrosis or neurotic depression.
: Mind
Diminution of memory and powers of concentration.
Inner uneasiness with irritability and apprehensi
Alternating excitabity and depression.
Phases of increased ability to work and wellbeing alternating with   phases of fatigue and exhaustion ..
Face expressionless . Neurosis  from anguish.
Maniacal depressive psychosis.
Psychosis in elderly people.
Psychological complaints      during menopause.
Better in open air, fresh air. Violent exercise. Emission of gas or stools . Prolonged movement and strong pressure .
CCRH in a study to evolve a group of most efficacious remedies for Essential hypertension found this to be an effective medicine.
‬: In this study, the patients who came without taking any other treatment were given homoeopathic treatment alone but those who were taking anti hypertensives drugs were allowed to continue the same along with hom treatment .
‬: The basis of prescription of Rauwolfia was as specific
‬: The potencies used were Q, 3x and 30.
‬: It was found to decrease blood pressure in physiological doses with indications such as Headache esp occipital, vertigo, sleeplessness, irritability, poor emotional control, sweating on exertion, easy fatigability, giddiness on exertion, constipation and pitting oedema of legs .
Rauwolfia was followed well by Bryonia, Gels, Kali-p, Lach, Lyc, Nux com, Rhus tox and Sulphur.
‬: This study also proposed a hypothesis that Rauw can be used as a specific medicine for Essential Hypertension with or without allopathic medication.
Dr Sarkar refers Rauw as Indian Aurum metallicum.   It has increased blood pressure with depression or irritability as concomitant minus the syphilitic tendency of Aurum metallicum ..
‬: Sleepless with increased blood pressure is the Keynote of this remedy.
‬: Other indications for this remedy are
Depression, Loathing of life.
Withdrawal effects of Aspirin – Depression.
Palpitation; Stool not clear – Anxiety neurosis.
Lacking confidence to face new problems, lack of confidence.
Gradually becoming flabby.
Hyperacidity < afternoon
 Ineffectual urging for stool.
Stomach symptoms < eating.
Lazy, desire to lie down always.
Hot Thermals.
Cracks in soles.
Craves Cold drinks
‬: Constriction on exertion, worse heat, worse warm, closed room, better open air, congestive headache, flushes of heat, dryness of nose, sleeplessness after midnight ..
: Rauwolfia is similar to Viscum Album with symptoms of Hypertension, palpitation and action one pneumogastric nerve and is differentiated from it by symptoms of insomnia with depression, gastric irritability and suicidal attitude.
 Its Urinary symptoms are
At the end of urination, a little urine is passed, drop by drop. Urine reddish brown. Difficulty in urinating with need to squeeze to push. Dysuria,   cystitis. Bedwetting from compression (fibromas, prostate).
Related to Rauw are
Lachesis – Circulatory disturbances with localised congestion, amel by discharges and left sided complaints. Hot thermals.
Phosphorus – agitation with uneasiness, worse at dusk, vertigo on waking, burning sensation at hands and between shoulders. Desire cold drinks .
Question by DARE member…
sir i have read somewhere that prolonged use of rowlfia Q causes sexual weakeness in males or impotency??  is this right??
 and kitne time tak use karni chahiye??if we are using it for htn
It has a proving symptom of
Clear diminution of Libido .so it be there ..
Use it in 1x rather then Q and side effects if any can be reduced to
In a study done by CCRH, they used it in 1x potency   in water . This improved its blood pressure controlling power and also reduced the associated symptoms..
In this study , Rauw root was triturated to 1x potency and used as 2 pinch in half cup of water orally.
Initially it was used for 3 times a day and after a fall in BP was recorded reduced to twice and then further to once a day.
After recording normal BP for 3 months, the drug was withdrawn.
 In some cases whenever the BP raised again, the drug was resumed considering the level of BP
I have no experience of Crat+Glon+ Rauw in MT form.
But have used it extensively over a long period of time in 1x with very effective results.
This study of using Rauw 1x in aqueous solution was published in CCRH quarterly bulletin Vol 18, 1996 and I have use this for 1x for more than 15 years with very good results compared to Rauw Q.
The alkaloids of Rauwolfia are supposed to be the potent therapeutic substances. These alkaloids beside alleviating the target symptoms might produce some adverse side effects.
So when the drug as a whole is triturated to 1x potency, the antitoxic agent and the toxic effects of alkaloids are balanced in giving no adverse effects on prolonged use.
: Dr PN Varma writes the side effects of Rauwolfia as
Drowsiness, Bradycardia, Salivation, Nausea, Hypergastric secretions, nasal congestion and diarrhoea and certian endocrine disorders (fertility, depression), inhibition of menses, feminization and impairment of sexual function in males..
More interesting facts about Rauw
Though the plant was introduced around 1940,
The plant is mentioned in Indian manuscripts as long ago as 1000 B.C. References are there that
Alexander  administered this plant to cure his general Ptolemy of a poisoned arrow. Our own
Mahatma Gandhi was known to employ Rauwolfia, reportedly using the root to make a tea that he consumed in the evening to help relax after a busy, overstimulated day.
The Indian physician Rustom Jal Vakil is considered responsible for introducing Rauwolfia to Western medicine. He collected data on patients treated with Rauwolfia for 10 years, from 1939 to 1949. In 1949, he published a watershed paper on the antihypertensive properties of R serpentina in the British Medical Journal. He presented his detailed results from treating 50 patients who had high blood pressure with the root of Rauwolfia. The results were remarkable and significant. By 1949, more than 90% of Indian physicians were using Rauwolfia in the treatment of high blood pressure. After Vakil’s original paper, more than 100 scientific articles were published throughout the world.
In 1952, CIBA Labs (now Novartis) in Switzerland published the first complete report on the chemistry and pharmacology of reserpine. Also in 1952, isolated reserpine was introduced as the drug Serpasil for the treatment of hypertension, tachycardia, and thyrotoxicosis.
‬: other medical uses and studies on Rauwolfia
Rauwolfia has been studied for the treatment of mental diseases, including schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, epilepsy and seizures, and of insomnia and sleep problems.
One study found Rauwolfia to be effective in the treatment of anxiety. All forms of Rauwolfia were used in that study, including reserpine, alseroxylon, and the whole root, and all gave the same results in the control of overt anxiety in ambulatory patients.
Rauwolfia has been studied as a treatment for autistic children between the ages of 3.5 and 9 years. Another study found it to be effective in treatment of delirium tremens in alcohol and drug addicted patients. The researchers in that study observed a noted decrease in agitation, excitement, and acute hallucinatory episodes.
One study found that Rauwolfia treated migraine headaches effectively, with a noted improvement in quality of life and a decrease in pain. Another study used Rauwolfia to treat angina pectoris in patients with coronary artery disease, finding a decrease in angina symptoms and a prolonged therapeutic effect. One-half of the patients in that study went on to develop normal electrocardiograms.
In another study, Rauwolfia was studied to examine its benefits in improving pruritic and psychogenic dermatosis. It has also been reported to improve psoriatic outbreaks
‬: RAUW  in Murphy Repr
Abdomen – CRAMPING, pain – diarrhea, with Abdomen – CRAMPING, pain – morning Abdomen – FALLING, sensations – falling, down, sensation, as if
Abdomen – FULLNESS, sensation, of – right Abdomen – PERITONITIS, enteritis Abdomen – PULSATION, sensation – hypogastrium
Brain – CATALEPSY Brain – CATATONIA Breasts – CUTTING, pain, breasts Breasts – CUTTING, pain, breasts – nipples, Breathing – DEEP, breathing
Clinical – amputation, pain, phantom pains Clinical – ARTERIOSCLEROSIS, general Clinical – Blood, general – plethora, blood Clinical – CATALEPSY, general Clinical – catatonia, general Clinical – CIRRHOSIS, liver Clinical – convulsions, general – epileptic, like, convulsions
Clinical – death, general – thoughts, of death Clinical – elephantiasis Clinical – endometriosis, general – acute Clinical – epilepsy, general, during epileptic attack Clinical – hypertension, high blood pressure Clinical – HYPOTENSION, low blood pressure Clinical – OBESITY, general Clinical – pancreatitis, infection Clinical – parkinson’s, disease Clinical – peritonitis, inflammation, enteritis Clinical – PSORA, miasm Clinical – sycosis, miasm Coughing – TALKING, from
Coughing – TICKLING, cough Dreams – DEAD, people, dreams of Dreams – DEATH, dreams of Dreams – DEATH, dreams of – dying, of Dreams – DROWNING, dreams Dreams – DROWNING, dreams – mother, had been drowned, that her Dreams – DYING, dreams of Dreams – FRACTURE of, jaw Dreams – JOURNEY, dreams Dreams – TEETH, breaking off Ears – DISCOLORATION, ears – redness Ears – HEAT, ears Eyes – ACHING, pain Eyes – ACHING, pain – moving, eyes agg. Eyes – ACHING, pain – moving, eyes agg. – moving eyes agg., side to side Eyes – BURNING, pain Eyes – SHARP, pain, stitching Face – DRYNESS, face Face – HEAT, general Face – NUMBNESS, sensation
Female – DYSMENORRHEA, painful menses Female – ENDOMETRIOSIS, general – acute Female – MENSES, general – frequent, too early, too soon Female – SEX, female – decreased, desire Fevers – HEAT, absent – vomiting, with – HEAT, body, warmblooded Food – APPETITE, general – increased, appetite, hunger Food – APPETITE, general – increased, appetite, hunger – eating, after Food – APPETITE, general – insatiable, appetite Food – COLD, drinks, water – agg. Food – COLD, drinks, water – desires Food – DELICACIES, general – desires Food – EATING, general – agg. Food – SOUR, foods – desires Food – SUGAR, general – aversion, to Food – SWEETS, general – aversion, to Generals – AIR, general – cold, air, amel. Generals – AIR, general – open, air, outside, amel. Generals – AMPUTATION, pain, phantom pains Generals – BUBBLING, sensation – externally Generals – EXERTION, physical – amel.
Generals – EXERTION, physical – amel. – air, open in Generals – HEAT, sensation Generals – MOTION, general – continued, amel. Generals – NEURALGIC, pain Generals – OBESITY, general Generals – PAIN, general Generals – PRESSURE, applied – amel. – hard pressure Generals – SHARP, pains, stitching Generals – WARM, temperature, general – agg. Generals – WARM, body, warmblooded Generals – WET, weather – agg.
Glands – pancreas, general Glands – pancreatitis Glands – thyroid, gland, general – goitre, thyroid Head – FLOATING, in air, as if Head – FORMICATION, sensation Headaches – BURSTING, pain Hearing – NOISES, in ears – humming Heart – CONSTRICTION, sensation Heart – EDEMA, dropsy from heart disease Heart – PAIN, heart Heart – PAIN, heart – rest, in Heart – PALPITATIONS, general – lying, while agg. Heart – SHARP, pain, stitching, heart
Intestines – CRAMPING, pain – diarrhea, with Intestines – CRAMPING, pain – morning Intestines – DISTENTION, from flatus Intestines – DISTENTION, from flatus – cough, agg. Intestines – DISTENTION, from flatus – eating, while – after Intestines – DISTENTION, from flatus – eating, while – after – small amounts Intestines – PERITONITIS, enteritis Kidneys – EDEMA, dropsy, from kidneys disease Knees – PAIN, knees Knees – PAIN, knees – hollow, of knees Larynx – PAIN, larynx Larynx – PAIN, larynx – coughing, on, agg. Limbs – AMPUTATION, pain, phantom pains Limbs – BURNING, pain Limbs – PAIN, limbs Liver – CIRRHOSIS, liver
Male – SEX, male – decreased, desire Mind – ABRUPT, behavior Mind – AGONY, anguish Mind – CATALEPSY, state Mind – CATATONIA Mind – COMPANY, general – alone, amel., when Mind – CONCENTRATION, general – difficult Mind – DEATH, general – thoughts, of death Mind – DEPRESSION, sadness Mind – DETACHED, feels Mind – EXCITEMENT, mental, emotional – alternates, with – sadness Mind – EXERTION, mental, general – agg. Mind – EXERTION, mental, general – amel. Mind – FEARS, phobias,general – evil, of Mind – KILL, impulse or desire to Mind – KILL, impulse or desire to – herself, sudden impulse to Mind – KILL, impulse or desire to – sudden, impulse to
Mind – MEMORY, weakness, of – done, for what he has just Mind – MISTAKES, makes Mind – MISTAKES, makes – spelling, in Mind – MISTAKES, makes – writing, in Mind – MISTAKES, makes – writing, in – spelling, in Mind – PARANOID Mind – RUDENESS, general Mind – SCHIZOPHRENIA Mind – SCHIZOPHRENIA – catatonic Mind – SCHIZOPHRENIA – hebephrenia Mind – SCHIZOPHRENIA – paranoid Mind – SUICIDAL, disposition Mind – THOUGHTS, general – wandering Mind – UNFRIENDLY, humor Mind – UNREAL, everything seems Mind – WEARISOME, burdened feeling
Muscles – MUSCLES, general Muscles – ACHING, pain Muscles – PAIN, muscles Nose – BLEEDING, nosebleed, epistaxis Nose – CONGESTION, of blood Perspiration – HOT, perspiration Pulse – HARD, pulse Pulse – HARD, pulse – climbing, after Pulse – HARD, pulse – exertion, after sudden Pulse – IRREGULAR, pulse Pulse – SLOW, pulse
Skin – HAIR, skin – excessive growth Skin – HAIRY, skin Skin – RED, discoloration, skin Skin – RED, discoloration, skin – perspiration, with Sleep – SLEEPINESS, general – overpowering Sleep – WAKING, general – early, too Sleep – WAKING, general – midnight, after Sleep – WAKING, general – night – 3 am. Sleep – WAKING, general – night – 3 am. – 3 am., to 4 am. Speech/Voice – STAMMERING, stuttering, speech
Stomach – BELCHING, eructations – eating, after Stomach – BELCHING, eructations – food, of Stomach – HEARTBURN, general – eating, after – amel. Stomach – HEAVINESS, sensation – evening Stomach – INDIGESTION, general – evening Stomach – INDIGESTION, general – evening – 6 pm. Stool – CULTURE, stool – e-coli Stool – CULTURE, stool – gaert. Stool – WATERY, stool – alternating, with loose Taste – METALLIC, taste Throat – BURNING, pain – cold, drinks, after – amel. Throat – BURNING, pain – morning Throat – BURNING, pain – morning – waking, on Throat – BURNING, pain – swallowing, when – saliva, on Throat – DRYNESS, throat – cold, drinks, agg. – amel. Throat – DRYNESS, throat – morning
Throat – DRYNESS, throat – swallowing, on Throat – DRYNESS, throat – swallowing, on – empty, on, agg.,
Time – HOURS, general, 24 hour clock – 6 pm. Tongue – PAIN, tongue Tongue – SORE, pain Toxicity – FOOD, poisoning – sugar, agg. – aversion to Toxicity – FOOD, poisoning – sweets, – aversion to Vaccinations – CATATONIA Vision – BLURRED, vision Vision – FLASHES, before vision

Rubrics in italics are peculiar as to having upto 5 medicines with rauw as one of them.

while rubrics in bold and underlined have Rauw as the only medicine
Toxicological effects that can be added to Hom symptomatology
Adverse side effects of reserpine include

lethargy, sedation, psychiatric depression, hypotension, nausea, vomiting, abdominal cramping, gastric ulceration, nightmares, bradycardia, angina-like symptoms, bronchospasm, skin rash, itching, galactorrhea, breast enlargement, sexual dysfunction, and withdrawal psychosis in 1 case.
The most common side effect noted in all patients was nasal congestion, occurring in 5% to 15% of all patients.
After several months of use, mental depression can occur and may persist.

With extremely large doses, Parkinson-like symptoms, extrapyramidal reactions, and convulsions can occur.

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