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The nosode of Psora. [The sero-purulent matter of a scabies vesicle was used by Hahnemann. The product of “Psora sicca” (epidermoid efflorescence of Pityriasis) by Gross. The salt from a product of Psora by Hering.]

As Sulphur has been the chief remedial agent in both schools in the treatment of itch and itch-like eruptions, it is natural to find in the nosode of Psora, or constitutional itch, a close analogue of Sulph.

Pso. is specially suited to:
(1) Scrofulous, nervous, restless persons who are easily startled.
(2) Psoric constitutions; lack of reaction after severe diseases.
(3) Complaints of psoric origin; patients emit a disagreeable odour.
(4) Pale, sickly, delicate children.
(5) Peevish, unhealthy-looking children, who have a disagreeable odour about them.
(6) Dirty people in whom the body has a filthy smell which no amount of washing can remove.
(7) Those subject to diseases of the glands and skin; and who have had eruptions suppressed.

The chief of the keynotes of Pso. is: Lack of vital reaction; prostration after acute disease, depressed, hopeless, night-sweats. Hopelessness, despair of perfect recovery is part of the jack of reaction; emaciation and foul body odour may accompany it. “Foulness” may be considered the second keynote of Pso. Eruptions have offensive discharges; the otorrhœa, is horribly offensive. The diarrhœa (especially of cholera infantum) is profuse, watery, dark brown, and even black, and is putrid-smelling like carrion.

Antidoted by: Coffee. Compatible: Carb. v., Chi., Sul. (if Sul. is indicated but fails to act give Pso.). Followed well by: Alm., Borax, Hep.Complementary: Sul., Bac. (Bac. is the acute of Pso.), after Lact. ac. (vomiting of pregnancy); after Arn. (blow on ovary); Sul. after Pso. in mammary cancer.Inimical: Lach. Compare: Sick babies fret day and night (Jalap); good all day, screams all night (Lyc. opp.). Effect of thunderstorm, Pho. Headache preceded by dim vision, Lac d., K. bi. Headache with hunger; > while eating, Anac., K. ph.; > nose-bleed, Melilot. Plica polonica, Lyc., Bar. c., Sars., Bac. Offensive, cheesy

Good-humour in morning; works with pleasure; enjoys everything.─Excitable before sleep.─Excitable, vexed with everything.─Fear.─Anxiety: when riding in a carriage; with trembling of hands and restlessness.─Melancholy: religious; she could commit suicide, then is full of phantasms, peevishness, and lachrymation; alternating suddenly with liveliness.─Despair: fear of failing in business; wishes to die in spite of the best hopes.─Driven to despair by excessive itching.─Ill-humour: in morning; and constant thoughts of dying; could weep about everything.─Quarrelsome.─Every moral emotion = trembling.─Disinclination to work; to ride in a carriage, then desire to ride all the time, even in bad weather.─Sentimental.─Inability to rid himself of ideas which first appeared to him in a dream.─Thinking that he understood what he had read he tried to explain it, and found that he did not understand it.─Memory lost; so that she does not recognise the room after looking out of the window.─Thoughts vanish after over-lifting.

Materia Medica: J.H. Clarke

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