The proof of the pudding is in the eating

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PONDERINGS: The curing of sick people permanently, gently and quickly is the first and best test of a homoeopathician.

This is easier said than done.

It is often only a pretension. It is one thing to cure chronically sick people and another to cure acutely sick people, or sicknesses, or diseases as some would have us say.

If the remedy is properly chosen and properly administered in typhoid fever, how soon should the patient recover?

This is a question that every homoeopathician should ask himself, and by it should be willing to have himself measured.

Looking back over thirty years I can answer the question better than a young man. My cases of continued fever with prostration, tympanitic abdomen, and sores on the teeth recovered inside of two weeks in the first ten years of my homoeopathic practice.

In the last twenty years, they have all been aborted in seven to ten days.

Not one has continued to progress according to the usual course of the disease, therefore not one could be proved to be typhoid by the Widal test.

The homoeopathician will never have a case that will stand the eighth-day test, therefore, according to modern science, he will never have typhoid; Hahnemann says that all acute diseases should be aborted.

Why should we not expect to do this if Hahnemann did so a hundred years ago?

Why call ourselves Homoeopathicians if we cannot do as well as Hahnemann did?

Why not offer this as the test of our ability and skill, and consciously admit that we must abort all acute diseases or cease to call ourselves homoeopathicians ?

There can be no better test for our work and for our position than to announce to the world that we do this, if we do it and let all others compare their work and stand or fall by the test of clinical experience.

Let the near-homeopath, the highly scientific laboratory doctor, the Christian scientist, the eclectic, the osteopath, or whatever he may be, come in and show what he can do to abort acute diseases.

We must stand by the test. All our homoeopathicians know how to do this work and make good. Hahnemann says in his Organon Of Healing, paragraph 149 :

If we profess to follow Hahnemann, let us display to man what we do to entitle ourselves to the name and to disfranchise pretenders.

Pretenders will at once come to the front and reveal themselves by denouncing us and affirming that it cannot be done. They thereby only declare that they cannot do it, and hereby convict themselves of being only fraudulent or pretended followers of Hahnemann.

Even if they affirm that they are only modern homeopaths, they must disclaim on the work they do, pretensions.

“The proof of the pudding is in the eating and not on the plausibility of their scientific methods or of it”

Homoeopathicians abort all acute diseases-what do others accomplish?

It only remains for us to educate the people so they will know what to expect, and what can be done, and who can do it.

But first, the education must begin with the physician so that he can meet the requirements.

Some will say “We do not believe it,” which simply means that they have not seen such results, and this only signifies that they do not know how to apply the remedies homeopathically.

Then let the education begin at home. That there are many professed Hahnemannians who are not doing this work in this way is no reason for our silence.

It is enough to know that Hahnemann did it, that many others are doing it, that we should all do it. If we cannot do so, let us give up our pretensions.

by Pr J. T. KENT

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