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The treatment of coughs is a severe test for the prescriber, and yet no patient demands a more careful going over than the one who coughs. One should first carefully find out where and by what the coughing is excited.

Ordinarily it is the result of an irritation starting from throat,larynx,chest or stomach,but it is specially necessary to know the exact point of origin.

Those beginning in the throat pit generally call for – Bell, Cham, Nux v,Rum, Sang, Sepia or Silicea.

When the primary seems to be on the left side of the throat or Larynx – Bap, Belladonna, Hepar, or Salicylic acid stands first, but if it is on the right side we look mostly to- Dioscorea,Iris-ver, Phos, or Stannum.

Cough that comes from what seems to be a dry spot generally need Nat.mur.or Conium.

If a sense of a lump in the throat excites it, we have – Bell,Calc c,Coc Cact and Lachesis.

So the matter goes on indefinitely, with the accessories determining the final choice, but it not difficult to see how greatly our task is lightened by being able to find the location of the exciting cause and then differentiate with the aid of modalities and the general picture.

This is the true homoeopathic way and will bring unexpected aid, doing more than any other possible method. The simillimum re-establishes the normal conversion of energy and the patient reacts with a definiteness unknown under other methods. It is the nature of every human being to be extremely sensitive to the constitutional simillimum.


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