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IDOL: please meet Idols of the week,

The entire volunteer staff of Eva Demaya Centre in Malawi of Africa. Their goal is to improve the life of the local community and help its development through health care, orphan care, community assistance, sports, micro-finance and agro-forestry activities.

When visiting the Eva Demaya clinic, patients get the opportunity to visit the resident Homeopath for free. The Homeopathy clinic also offers help for people who suffer from AIDS and does monthly check-ups for people who have been tested HIV-positive.

Due to the rural settings these first aid Homeopaths benefit from bicycle. This would allow them to cover more villages. It is estimated that the provision of a bicycle will increase the number of people reached by a volunteer by at least 25%.

Salutations to all volunteer service providers at Eva Demaya Centre for their great contributions!

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